Why 'The Bachelorette' Shows We Should Guard Our Hearts

This season of 'The Bachelorette' is fraught with controversy. Not only has there been the dramatic plot of Luke P, but now People magazine coming out with the Jed story. These two contestants give examples of why it is necessary to be wary of trusting too fast or too easily.

Hannah Brown fell quick for Luke P, whether it be for his charms or his devotion. However, she has been rather flippant about his many red flags and issues. No matter how much the other guys hate him or how much his actions hurt her, she still keeps him around. Previews for the rest of the season show him going almost to the last episode. Everyone, don't let anyone make false promises or mess with your mind. If the signs are as clear as day, don't look for reasons to stay. Hannah will settle for any amount of emotion or honesty Luke displays, regardless of the whole picture. Be warned, and let this be a lesson. It's spoiled that things do not work out for these two, and if she'd been more careful she could have avoided a lot of drama.

Jed is the soft-spoken musician who comes off very kind and honest. His one red flag was that he admitted to Hannah that he went on the show to have a platform for his music career. Still, his truthfulness coupled with assuring Hannah that he truly had fallen for her, made him seem like a worthy candidate for The Bachelorette's heart. But recent events have shown that he is even less of a match than Luke. His girlfriend has gone to People magazine and told all the things that are surely Hannah's biggest fear. That Jed had told his long-time girlfriend that he was going on the show purely for music and that they would still be together. But he never contacted her after the show ended. It is yet to be seen whether Jed told Hannah the truth during or after the season, but either way, it doesn't look good.

Reality television can certainly bring out the worst in people, as most are just looking for fame and attention. But no one has to go on TV to encounter liars or bad relationships. Some like Luke P will be more clearly obvious to dislike, while others like Jed will surprise us, though the signs are still likely to be there if we look close. That is why trust takes time, and relationships take effort. This doesn't mean to trust people. But we need to guard our hearts. We need to have respect for ourselves and not let anyone lie to us or treat us less than we deserve. I hope Hannah realizes that and she chooses someone who won't mess with her heart. I also hope that this season shows viewers how important it is to be careful and to put trust in the right people.

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