Beware when you mention "The Bachelor" in public because you don't which heads will turn.

In the words of Chris Harrison, this is the "most dramatic season yet," and he might actually be right this time. Each season we see a new man who gets the title of "The Bachelor" and the 30 girls who get to fight to win him over. This season, the lucky guy is Colton Underwood, but you've already heard that name from one of the millions of girls, and the occasional guys, that watch it religiously on Monday nights.

ABC hit the jackpot with this show because it gets a more diverse group of viewers than you would think. First, we've got the die-hard fans that watch every episode of every season and will fight you if you trash the show. They don't play around, so be prepared to hear an inspirational speech on why Hannah G. will win the show. The week dividing each episode is spent looking up Instagram pictures and all promos and articles to anticipate the next Monday. This group comes in all shapes and sizes so don't be too surprised when you're an in-depth conversation on Tuesday morning with the guy next to you in class about the previous rose ceremony.

Recently I had an incident with a fellow "Bachelor" fan. I told this guy in the elevator that I was watching "The Bachelor" tonight and his response blindsided me for a second. He asked, "Which girl's your favorite so far?"

I left the elevator with a whole new view on the show.

Is it actually possible that guys enjoy watching the show too?

I was wrong. His girlfriend was a fan and she dragged him into watching it so now he's an intellectual in everything related to the show. Some guys watch it in passing around their sisters and pretend to hate it when they secretly want to keep watching it because all the girls are hot. This seems like the most reasonable explanation on why men would watch girls fight over one guy. I'm guessing they don't get as excited about all the showers Colton takes like I do.

The next breed only watches The Bachelor for pure humor. Their main focus is to make fun of each person on the show and analyze everything each girl says and twist it for a good laugh. In my opinion, this is the best group to watch the show with. The dramatic gasps and commentary from the back of the room are what I live for.

In a completely different category is me; I'm a whole new beast (like Hannah B.) For the first few weeks, I watch the shows like every normal fan, but halfway through the season I can't take it anymore and look up spoilers. I've watched the show for a few years now and this the only way I watch it. I'm too impatient to wait until the end of the season to find out which girl will win. I still pick my own winner and pretend like I don't know who it is when I watch it.

Even after three years, I still think Ben should have chosen JoJo.

It's all these groups and more that make up "The Bachelor" fandom, but they are some of the most dedicated people in television. You can guarantee that they will be in front of the TV on Monday nights at 8. And for all of you not tuning in, you're missing the most dramatic season ever.

You probably don't care, but my favorite is Hannah G. and I will defend her until I die.