Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Bachelor
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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right "Bachelor" For You

Which of these bachelors from "The Bachelorette" is your perfect fit?

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right "Bachelor" For You

For this article, I am going to focus on the latest season of "The Bachelorette." This season has been very heated and intriguing for all the viewers. Fans across the world have been all picking their favorite bachelor. As it might be fun for the guys to watch and laugh at the guys making a fool of themselves, or even striving to be one of the guys, girls that are watching the show are falling very quickly for the bachelors. However, it is time for the ladies to start realizing who they want in a guy.

Peter The Pilot


The adventure guy. Peter is the guy that keeps you on your toes. He does not let you down and always keeps you blushing. He likes exciting journeys and will seek to find a job that he enjoys and takes him to places he has never been before. Peter is the kind of guy that is fearless to say anything and when he does say something, his words flow beautifully and perfect. He will always tell you how beautiful you are.

Luke P.


He might be cute and all, but this is the kind of guy that you need to keep an eye on. This is the kind of guy that is controlling and is all about himself. He does not get along with your best friend's boyfriends. Even if he is a Christian guy, I am pretty sure God is confused by him. He likes to say he prioritizes, but are you one of his priorities? Always remember that you should be a priority, especially to the man that you are sharing your love and heart with. This guy has an uncontrollable temper and is not afraid to let all his anger out. If he does not get what he wants, he throws a tantrum until he gets what he wants. He reminds me of a kid at the superstore throwing a fit in the toy aisle, waiting for his mom to finally say okay to the big nerf gun he wants. This is the type of guy that makes everyone else pity him. He makes everyone feel bad for him and orders everyone to lay a hand on him to pray for him and only him. When you and he are going through a tough time together, he will make you pray for him, not you and him. Do not date a Luke P. I repeat, do not date a Luke P.


Knoxville news

We all fall for a guy that can sing and play the guitar. If this is the guy you are looking for, then you are sure looking for a Jed. Jed is the one that can fix any bad situation by playing you a song. He can make a song out of any bad situation. He knows how to treat a girl right by facing his mistakes and learning from them. He respects your decisions and respects you as an independent girl. This is the guy that will take you to all the concerts in town and dance with you all night.

But, this guy also has another girlfriend.

Tyler C.


This is the guy that you are not so sure about at first. The guy that you might think that he is too good looking to be sweet and kind. This is the guy that you want to give a chance. Give this guy a chance and he will give you the key to his heart. He will always desire to make you smile and to keep you safe. He notices the small things about you, like your dimples, your brown or blue eyes, your laugh, any of your qualities that you think to make you imperfect. He will make sure you know that you are perfect. He is a tough guy and will always protect you.

Big Mike

Men's Health

Big Mike is the one that smiles the biggest. Even if he is unhappy, he puts on a brave face and fights through it. However, even if he puts on a brave face, he is still the type of guy to share his emotions and feelings with you, one on one. He is not afraid to hide anything and that is a wonderful quality to find in a guy. With a guy like Mike, you can create a connection, unlike anyone. He treats his family like gold and he wishes to treat you like treasure if you let him. His biggest role models to him are not celebrities but they are the people that are in his heart and his own home, his family. His parents are his rock.

John Paul Jones


This is the funny type of guy. Do you like chicken nuggets? Then John Paul Jones is your dude. He will make any situation into a funny one. He is not afraid to show his true colors and to be himself. He is definitely a chill kind of guy. He does not let bad days or bad times get under his skin. He likes to have fun. He is the kind of guy to wake up every day and just go out and have fun. On the other hand, he also takes his job and lifestyle very seriously. As long as you feed this guy, your relationship will go far. Shaka brah.

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