If you are like me, Bachelor Monday is your favorite day of the week. Colton's season has definitely had its fair share of girl drama, craziness, fights, and psychos. Each preview for the next weeks episode keeps me wanting more. Here are my predictions of the order of girls going home for the current time of Colton's season (approaching hometown dates).

4. Tayshia

Bachelor Tayshia

If you have been following this season, you would know that Colton loves Tayshia's smile. It is something he has mention at least 2-3 times since their one on one earlier in the season. She has definitely been a girl this season who I knew would make it far, but I don't think her connection with Colton was ever as strong as the other remaining girls. Now don't get me wrong, there is a connection there. But, I feel like she is one of those girls who got a one-on-one early on and then the connection fades away as the season goes. I believe their connection with each other peaked and is going to trickle down which will cause him to send her home.

3. Caelynn

Bachelor Caelynn

One pageant girl might be gone, but Miss North Carolina got herself a hometown date. In the beginning, I wasn't a fan of either pageant girl (Hannah B. and Caelynn). There was a lot of silly girl drama that can be entertaining at times, but at a certain point got old. But, when Caelynn opened up to Colton on their one-on-one, I was immediately drawn to her as a person. She was so pure, honest, and real with him. It was something that I felt Hannah B., her biggest competition, was never like. Hannah B. was personally never ready for marriage. To me, she was a slightly more mature Demi. As the season went on, I grew a stronger love for Caelynn. But, I just never felt as strong of a connection with them as he as with Cassie or Hannah G. So, I think Caelynn will be gone shortly after hometown dates.

2. Hannah G.

Bachelor Hannah G

Hannah G., Hannah G.. The other Alabama Hannah that Bachelor nation can't take their eyes off of because she is literally so beautiful. I have a very strong feeling she will be one of the final two. She was the first impression rose, and Colton always talks about how Hannah G. reminds him of home. Whenever I watch Hannah G., I always feel that she is so put together. My mind always puts her maturity above all the other girls since she is never in the drama. There is something about her presence that makes this season worth watching. Although I love what I have seen of Hannah G., I do not think Colton will pick her in the end. In the previews for the final rose, I already felt tension and struggle by the look of Colton's face. I think he is going to send Hannah G. home and be heartbroken.

1. Cassie

Bachelor Cassie

Since day one, Cassie has been the one I was rooting for all along. Not only are Colton and Cassie incredibly cute, but they are also so quirky and different together. After watching "The Bachelor" since I was in 8th grade, I think this is the first pair that I have wanted who seem more real than the show will ever be (not hating on the show because I love it, but it can be a little unrealistic sometimes). This season, he is always so excited to see her, and you could really tell from their one-on-one that they have a strong connection. I mean, they basically kissed the whole time. Even on group dates, when they have their alone time, they feel like such a real couple, and I almost forget that the show is still going on.

This season has definitely been one of my favorites. This is the first time in a while where I genuinely like a lot of the girls. Although I have Cassie winning it all, I would still be so happy is he picked Hannah G. Even though this crazy season is coming to an end... that means we are just getting closer to "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paraside."