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I Used 'Baby's Feet' And My Feet Look Like A Baby's

It's a foot mask that strips all of your nasties away.

I Used 'Baby's Feet' And My Feet Look Like A Baby's

You've probably seen it, or some form of it on social media. It's the foot mask that you put on your feet; then a few days later your feet start peeling like a snake shedding skin. The videos are nasty but satisfying.

I myself, walk around barefoot all the time. I work out daily. I like to go on long hikes. I am always on my feet. Needless to say, callouses have built up my friends. And these callouses are not cute for sandal season here in the valley.

I've done the pedicures, the callous removal treatments at the salon, but nothing has really gotten rid of everything. I, too, saw this viral internet beauty trend and was skeptical at first. However, after watching my brother (who has worse callouses than I) and my friends have success with this mask, I decided to investigate.

I began reading reviews online and found that the one with the best reviews was "Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation for Feet peel, lavender scented". The reviews were either "best product I've ever used" or "do not waste your money".

I began researching what steps every person who was raving about the product was using. After gathering different tips and tricks here is how I went about this whole foot mask ordeal and got the results I was looking for.

I began with soaking my feet in hot water for ten minutes, then I rubbed my feet with an exfoliant, rinsed them off and dried them. I placed my feet in the two booties and tapped them as tight as I could around my feet. I did this so that they would be most snug around my feet ensuring the product was submerging my feet. I also placed a pair of socks over the booties for extra snugness. I then I went on and took care of business that needed to get done while I waited the two hours with the mask on my feet.

The instructions on the box state to wait an hour with the product on your feet, but I waited for two hours because of how thick my callouses were. I was thinking maybe the difference between the two reviews is that those who said the product did work were impatient and did not give it all the time it would need.

As I waited with my botties on, I had a warm sensation on my feet, similar to if you were doing a heat face mask. I would wiggle my toes every now and again to mix the solution around.

Once my two hours were up, I rinsed my feet off with water and rub my feet with exfoliant again. Then I went to bed.

I did not see any results the first day, but I kept my hopes up because the box did say it would take around five days for the feet to begin to peel. I continued to soak my feet four ten minutes every day and rub my feet with an exfoliant. Around day three the magic began. All of the dead skin began to peel off. Section by section over a course of three days, all of my callouses were peeled away with ease. My feet now look like actual baby's feet.

The product does require a long process and a lot of planning beforehand. While your feet are in peel-mode you do not want to wear sandals around, for obvious reasons. So make sure you use this product during a time where you will be okay walking around in closed toe shoes.

This product is not for people who are wanting instant results as I said, it took three days for my feet to begin to peel. But if you have the time, the patience and want fresh feet for the summer, go out and buy your own baby's feet mask. You can find it at your local Ulta or Walmart.

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