Prayer. Love. Unity. This is the biggest thing happening in L.A. this year. It will change church history. It will literally change the world.

This Saturday on April 9th at the Los Angeles Coliseum, Azusa Now will be happening!

April 9th, 2016, is the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street revival that swept the nation in 1906.

The first Azusa Street revival, lead by African-American pastor William Seymour, started off as a small church meeting on Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles.

During this time in history, racial conflicts ensued - but God used Seymour to “wash the color away,” bringing together blacks, whites, and hispanics in “love, unity, and prayer.” The movement lasted for 10 years, and this moment birthed the Pentecostal movement, producing the fastest-growing form of Christianity in the world today and spurring on many other renewal moments across the nation and world.

Seymour prophesied that “100 years later, the Holy Spirit would be poured out again, except it would be even stronger.”

110 years later, a man named Lou Engle, a well-known charismatic Christian leader, planned and organized Azusa Now.

This event is apart of The Call movement.

Lou Engle started The Call 16 years ago when in September 2000, he led over 400,000 young people in prayer and revival at a mall in Washington D.C.

This ignited Engle’s dream to unite Christians all over the country so that their lives can be transformed.

Engle so desperately wants to see this happen because he believes that “only a united church will heal a united nation.” His vision is to see all ages, races, and Christian denominations coming together in order to pray for change and call on God for a fresh new revival to sweep the nation.

Engle really went out on a limb of faith to make Azusa Now possible. He believed in God's vision for this event so much so that he even sold his house in order to provide part of the funds needed to make this event possible.

This may seem crazy to some, but Engle did this because he was inspired by the story Jesus told in Matthew 13. In this story, a man sold all he had in order to buy a field because he knew that a very precious treasure was hidden there - and he knew that the treasure was far more valuable than everything he owned. In the same way, Engle greatly treasures the transformation of thousands of souls - and he was willing to sell all he had in order to make that possible.

Engle said, “Can you believe with us that denominations will unite, that the races could come together, that God could make us one, as the antidote to the terrific division in our day? Could you believe with us for stadium Christianity where signs and wonders are breaking out and mass evangelism explodes across our country - the Third Great Awakening?”

This vision is so great because it is so clear that our country - and the whole world - needs to be awakened. People need to open their eyes to the fact that there is so much brokenness in our society and only God can be the one to fix that.

“In the midst of the worldwide upheaval of Islamic terror, political confusion, racial tension, and the great moral slide in America we believe that the color line can be washed away in the blood of Jesus and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit could be unleashed as it was at Azusa Street in 1906,” Engle stated.

Maybe you think that change at this point is impossible. But change is inevitable when there are so many people coming together, believing, praying, and having the faith that God will do a new work in our generation. How beautiful is that? As Engle said, “Though darkness covers the earth, the Glory of the Lord rises upon us.”

Because of the sacrifices of so many people to make this event possible, tickets are free for anyone to attend!

At this event, it is projected that over 120,000 people will be attending, meaning that it will get crowded! People can start arriving as early as 7 a.m. The event will last until 10:30 p.m. The event is 15 hours long, and if I can encourage you - stay for the whole event!

This is a beautiful and rare opportunity to be united with thousands of other members of the body of Christ and pray for the revival and the change that we so desperately need. You will witness miracles, healings, and have the chance to participate in complete and utter worship! Bethel Church’s worship team will be there during the entire duration of the event.

To register and get more general information about the event, see here:

To watch the promotional video for Azusa Now, click here:

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Popular Right Now

I'd Rather Be Single Than Settle: Here Is Why Being Picky Is Okay.

They're on their best behavior when you're dating.

Dating nowadays described in one word: annoying. What's even more annoying? when people tell you that you're being too "picky" when it comes to dating. Yes, from an outside perspective sometimes that's exactly what it looks like; however, when looking at it from my perspective it all makes sense. I've heard it all, "He was cute, why didn't you like him?" "You didn't even give him a chance!" "You pay too much attention to the little things!"

What people don't understand is that it's OKAY to be picky when it comes to guys. For some reason, girls in college freak out and think they're supposed to have a boyfriend by now, be engaged by the time they graduate, etc. It's all a little ridiculous; however, I refuse to put myself on a time table such as this due to the fact that these girls who feel this way are left with no choice but to overlook the things in guys that they shouldn't be overlooking, they're settling and this is something that I refuse to do.

So this leaves the big question: What am I waiting for?

Well, I'm waiting for a guy who...

1. Wants to know my friends.

Blessed doesn't even begin to describe how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. I want a guy who can hang out with my friends. If a guy makes an effort to impress your friends then that says a lot about him and how he feels about you. This not only shows that he cares about you but he cares about the people in your life as well. Someone should be happy to see you happy and your friends contribute to that happiness, therefore, they should be nothing more than supportive and caring towards you and your friendships.

2. Actually, cares to get to know me.

Although this is a very broad statement, this is the most important one. A guy should want to know all about you. He should want to know your favorite movie, favorite ice cream flavor, favorite Netflix series, etc. Often, (the guys I get stuck on dates with) love to talk about themselves: they would rather tell you about what workout they did yesterday, what their job is, and what they like to do rather than get to know you.

This is something easy to spot on the first date, so although they may be "cute," you should probably drop them if you leave your date and can recite everything about their life since the day they were born, yet they didn't catch what your last name was.

3. How they talk about other women.

THIS IS CRUCIAL FOR FINDING A NICE GUY. It does not matter who they're talking about, if they call their ex-girlfriend crazy we all know she probably isn't and if she is it's probably their fault. If they talk bad about their mom, let's be honest, if they're disrespecting their mother they're not going to respect you either. If they mention girl's physical appearances when describing them. For example, "yeah, I think our waitress is that blonde chick with the big boobs." Well if that doesn't hint they're a complete f* boy then I don't know what else to tell you. And most importantly calling other women "bitches" that's just disrespectful.

Needless to say, if his conversations are similar to ones you'd hear in a frat house, ditch him.

4. Phone etiquette.

If he can't put his phone down long enough to take you to dinner then he doesn't deserve for you to be sitting across from him. If a guy is serious about you he's going to give you his undivided attention and he's going to do whatever it takes to impress you and checking snapchat on a date is not impressive. Also, notice if his phone is facedown, then there's most likely a reason for it. He doesn't trust who or what could pop up on there and he clearly doesn't want you seeing. Although I'm not particularly interested in what's popping up on their phones, putting them face down says more about the guy than you think it does.

To reiterate, it's okay to be picky ladies, you're young, there's no rush. Remember these tips next time you're on a date or seeing someone, and keep in mind: they're on their best behavior when you're dating. Then ask yourself, what will they be like when they're comfortable? Years down the road? Is this what I really want? If you ask yourself these questions you might be down the same road I have stumbled upon, being too picky.. and that's better than settling. :)

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You Ain’t Waiting For God To Bring You Your Dinner, You Get Up And Go Cook It

My words often get jumbled and don't make sense, so I figured writing it would help me come across clearly.


Dear guy friends of mine,

I want you to know how grateful I am for your friendship. Having close guy friends has helped me better understand men and learn how the male species operates. I've been able to ask you so many questions and you've responded with thoughtfulness, kindness, grace, and honesty. I appreciate your willingness to talk to me.

I want to encourage you in something, and with some of you I have tried, but I think I came across as a little crazy. From what I've been told by married women, guys are very afraid of actual crazy. You want your girl to have some crazy (because all women have at least a little bit of crazy), but you don't want her to be, like, crazy. I get that and respect that.

I want to encourage you to ask girls out. It's scary. You're afraid of rejection. I know this because several of you have told me so. I recently spoke with a guy who's been married for a few years and has a baby daughter. He told me that you guys are scared, you don't want to put your heart on the line and have it crushed. That's a good reason not to pursue girls: you'll remain safe and free from hurt if you don't put your feelings out there.

But here's the other side of it: You'll never find that girl if you never search for her. Now, I know that all things happen in God's timing and as imperfect humans, we can't force things to happen outside of God's timeline. However, Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas said this in a sermon several years ago:

"But something's happened in evangelical circles where if you're single you're supposed to not want to be married, but be content in a spot and that's somehow more glorifying than following God's wiring of you to want a mate. And so in the end what happens is that you walk around like a liar. I mean, poor young ladies! Almost all of them have been told, "As soon as you're content, God will send you a man." So you've got hundreds of thousands of women running around acting content! "I'm content, where is he?" You've got other guys going, "You know, I'm just gonna wait for God to bring me the right one." Well, you ain't waiting for God to bring you your dinner, alright? You get up and go cook it."

Pastor Chandler goes on to say that he's not telling the guys to go on the hunt and prowl. No! He's telling guys that they have a role to play in pursuing a woman to marry. Girls have a role to play, too. Girls can't just hang out with their girlfriends in hopes that they'll lock eyes with Prince Charming while in the grocery store or walking their dog in the park. No, girls need to build up the guys in their lives and respect them by letting the guys be guys and giving them opportunities to be gentlemen. That's what I appreciate about you guys, my guy friends. You are such gentlemen and I love that. Don't be afraid to ask out the girl that you think is sweet, cute, pretty, funny, kind, silly, honest, loyal, and the right amount of crazy. You've got this!

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