Axl Sin: An Aspiring Musician
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Axl Sin: An Aspiring Musician

The Raw Truth Of A Young Musician

Axl Sin: An Aspiring Musician
Johnathan Burgess

While in college, you have many different opportunities to go to different concerts and parties. Me personally, I will pick a concert over a party every time. On November 29th, I went to the final Blood on the Dancefloor concert ever in Indiana. The show was awesome and the energy coming off of the bands that performed was amazing. Just to see how proud everyone was and to see all the hard work accumulate into one amazing show was awesome. While I was there, I met an awesome band called Justin Symbol. I got the opportunity to interview the Guitarist named Johnathan Burgess AKA Axl Sin on March 8th, 2017. I was happy that he had agreed to interview with me for this article. Axl Sin is very sweet. He and his band mates, in his band Seconds to Sunset, are currently working on their next album. Which, I hope to interview at a later date.

What is your name? “My real name is Johnathan Burgess but I go by Axl Sin that's what everyone calls me.”

How old are you? “I am 17.” After this interview, Johnathan turned 18.

What is your position in the band? “Guitar but I’m not on this upcoming tour I’m in the studio with my band that I’m the front man/lead guitarist for.”

When did you get your first guitar? “When I was in 6th grade so probably 11. I'm turning 18 on the 30th so it’s been 8 years.”

When did you learn to play guitar? “Since I got one I’ve always known I wanted to be a musician its always been my goal.”

Is being in music your dream? “Yes Always has been.”

When did you realize that it was your dream? “I was in 4th grade. On the playground I realized that it’s all I'd be happy doing. Like, my initial thought was ‘rock stars get girls money and fame hah. So who wouldn't want that?’”

How much time in general do you dedicate to your music? “Every second. I dropped out of 7th grade and I had a few jobs. I had a clothing line called heart of the industry which might be a thing again soon. And I worked in construction for a bit but most of every day. I either playing guitar drums bass or practicing vocals. I have a nice little set up in my house so it’s really the only thing to do.”

When did you start playing in front of other people? “Actually the year i did my first tour i played my first show just a few months prior.”

What is it like playing in concerts? “Literally the best feeling ever. It’s more euphoric than any drug you'll ever see. It’s definitely shitty not playing a show every night the euphoria from a good show is addictive.”

Do you see yourself working with or in music for the rest of your life? “Yeah. My band is currently recording our debut album so hopefully that helps with playing for the rest of my life.”

What are the names of bands that you have been in and are currently in? “Well obviously the God Bombs or Justin symbol. Then there is my band that I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a while is called Seconds to Sunset.”

What got you interested in music? “My mom first she showed me My Chemical Romance and The Used and stuff at a young age and really got me into music.”

Who inspired you to be in music? “The person who inspired me to be a musician was Frank Iero.”

What genre of music do you play? “I play Rock n Roll.”

Do you have any other musicians who inspired you? “All of Motley Crue.”

Anyone else who inspired you? “Nah I try to stay original but everyone says I remind them of Manson. I guess that’s the Axl Sin makeup.”

I could see you more as Twiggy Ramirez instead of Manson. “Yeah I get it. My clothes and shit I make myself usually. Idk just the essence of rock n roll is me girls money drugs fame glam hair metal all that is me ha-ha. I try at least.”

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? “Selling out venues. My thing is aim high and make it close rather than don’t aim high and don’t get far. Who knows I could sell out stadiums or I could still be playing smaller venues.”

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? “In ten years for sure stadiums.”

Have you ever been hurt while playing a concert? “Yeah, a few times once I smashed my head into the feeling of the venue not quite sure how. But, I’ve fallen and cut myself on strings a few times but never hit my head up there it was so funny.”

Are you happy to be following your dream in music? “Yeah. It’s very expensive. But, it’s worth all the work it takes.”

Have there been a lot of heart aches along this road to be following your dream? “Hell yeah. Leaving everyone behind with the tour for Justin. I left my brothers in Seconds to Sunset behind. My girl, family, and just like on tour it’s hard to eat sometimes moneys tight. Shits rough, but it’s totally worth it I would rather be on tour and hungry than home and not hungry.”

Have you had to make a lot of sacrifices to follow this dream? “Yeah. Other than leaving people behind I passed up a lot of shit. Like I had to pass up this tour with Symbol to get my band in the studio. In the end it'll be worth it though.”

Do you have any words for anyone who wants to pursue music but are too afraid to? “Save up and don’t care what people think. Save up because it’s expensive and don’t give a fuck. Because, no matter how amazing you are there are people who are scum. You being good doesn't change the fact that some people aren’t good. So keep your head up if you work to it you will make it. I mean I did my first show and tour in the same year if I can do that anyone can do anything.”

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