Awesome Back To School Gear For Gamers (2017)
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Awesome Back To School Gear For Gamers (2017)

Are you a gamer in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college who is tired of boring school supplies?

Awesome Back To School Gear For Gamers (2017)
Walmart, Spencer's, Target & Hot Topic

Do you love Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Legend of Zelda, Pacman or Pokemon? What about Minecraft, Five Nights At Freddy's, and Angry Birds? Or Maybe you like Halo, and call of Duty? Products from these games and more are featured in this article!

Also I realize many of you are currently in your first or 2nd week of school by the time that this article will be published, but this is also the time when stores lower their school supply prices so if you see something here that you like or need to do some last minute school supply shopping, you can probably get it for a good deal.

1. Pokemon Backpacks

Pokemon; a series of games, animes, movies, and manga. Its been beloved by many since the 1990s and has gotten more fans (and many stupid trend fallowers who got bored when the next thing came along) recently due to the popularity of Pokemon go last year. Seriously though, I got made fun of for reading a pokemon book in 4th grade and now its "cool"?! People who had no interest in pokemon before and even made fun of it quickly changed their mind and it annoys me a lot. But, I don't hate on people playing pokemon go - they had fun, its social, and its good exercise. It never worked well on my phone so I wasn't able to really play, but I liked seeing people having fun and seeing the pictures they posted of the pokemon on facebook. Anyways, if you genuinely love pokemon and want to express it, why not get a new pokemon backpack for this school year.

Pikachu backpack with removable pokeball lunch box - Walmart $12.88

Pikachu backpack with Pokeball zippers - Walmart $14.88 or Target $29.99

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander Backpack - Walmart $12.88

A Similar Backpack - Kohl's $14.99 or Toys R Us $19.99

Crowded pokemon Pileup Backpack - Walmart $9.88

Pikachu with Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio - Walmart $12.88

Another Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio backpack - Target $14.99

Yet another Pikachu, Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio backpack - kohl's $17.49

Light Up Pikachu Backpack - Walmart $12.88 or Target $15.99

Pikachu with pokeball - Spencer's $24.99

Bulbasaur, Charmander, pikachu, and squirtle backpack with pokeball lunch box - Walmart $18.99

Another Bulbasaur, Charmander, pikachu, and squirtle backpack with pokeball lunch box - Walmart $16.89

Yet Another Bulbasaur, Charmander, pikachu, and squirtle backpack - Walmart $12.88

A recolor of the last one - Kmart $11.99

Red Pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander, and Squirtle backpack - Target $15.99

More Pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander, and Squirtle - Kohl's $14.99 or JCPenny $15.99

Light Pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander, and Squirtle backpack - Spencer's $22.99

Pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle seems to be popular for backpacks - Spencer's $17.49

Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur Backpack - Walmart $16.74 or Toys R Us $9.99

Another Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur Backpack - Walmart $9.99

A 3rd Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur Backpack - Walmart $19.59

A slightly different Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur Backpack - Walmart $12.46

Tropical & Pokemon mix Backpack - Walmart $63.84?! or Hot Topic $32

Pikachu cloud backpack - Walmart $63.84?!

Eevee Evolutions backpack - Walmart $29.75

Another Eevee Evolutions backpack - Hot Topic $32

Yet another Eevee Evolutions backpack - Walmart $18.99

Eevee Evolution backpack with pencil case - Hot Topic $29.52

Rainbow Pikachu Backpack - Walmart $12.88

Pokemon comic backpack - Walmart $11.17 or Kmart $11.99 or Toys R Us $19.99

Rolling Pikachu, Chesspin, Fennekin, and Froakie Backpack - Walmart $41.40?!

Rolling Pikachu backpack - Kmart $25.99

Another rolling pokemon backpack - Toys R Us $34.99

Pikachu mini faux leather backpack - Walmart $86.24?! or Hot Topic $56.72

Pastel mini faux leather pikachu, bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle backpack - Walmart $86.24?!

Multiple pokemon mini faux leather backpack - Walmart $86.24?!

Mini Faux Black Leather pokeball back pack - Walmart $86.24?!

Various types of pokeballs - Walmart $63.84?!

Pokeball Backpack - Walmart $8.69 or Spencer's $29.99 or Toys R Us $29.99

Mini pokeball backpack - Walmart $9.98

Pikachu pokeball backpack - Spencer's $29.99

Eevee's face the backpack - Walmart $27.58

Pikachu face backpack - Walmart $13.99 to $16.99 or Kmart $7.79 or Toys R Us $9.99

Winking Pikachu mini backpack - Walmart $9.94 or Target $12.99 or Spencer's $19.99

Squirtle mini backpack - Target $10.48

Pikachu, eevee, charmander, bulbusaur, and squirtle backpack - Target $19.99

A similar, more expensive, backpack - Spencer's $37.48

Black background pikachu backpack - Target $29.99

Various pokemon Backpack - Kmart $11.99 or Spencers $24.99

Gengar Backpack - Spencers $24.99

Gengar, Haunter, and Gastly backpack - Hot Topic $10.79 to $27.92

Mini Ghost Pokemon backpack - Spencer's $39.99

Pikachu, plusle, and minum backpack - Spencer's $39.99

Tattoo Style Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle backpack - Hot Topic $32

Magikarp and Gyarados backpack - Hot Topic $32

Checkered Pikachu backpack - Hot Topic $27.92

More Pikachu - Staples $51.99

The Original starter pokemon seem to be pretty popular - Toys R Us $12.98

Pokemon go backpacks - Walmart $18.99

2. Pokemon Plush Backpacks

While you won't be able to fit many books in these, you will probably look really cute wearing them around. Instead of being your main bag, I suggest using a pokemon plush bag as a fashion accessory.

Pikachu Plush Bag - Walmart $11.67

A Second Pikachu - Hot Topic $18.32

Charmander Plush Bag (Sorry for the bad/small/blurry picture. It was the only one they had on their website for this product.) - Walmart $14.54

Another Charmander Plush Bag - Spencers $24.99 OR at Target for $7.48!!!

Snivy Plush Bag - Walmart $18.99

Oshawott - Walmart $18.98

Eevee Plush Backpack - Spencers $24.99 or Toys R Us $19.99

Gengar Plush Backpack - Spencers $24.99 or Toys R Us $19.99

Squirtle plush backpack - Toys R Us $19.99

Mew Plush Backpack - Toys R Us $19.99

3. Super Mario Backpacks

Who doesn't know Mario? This possible New York born plumber (Super Mario movie, Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and a few other Mario cartoons) grew up in Brooklyn and has the ability to visit other lands via pipes, however other sources have Mario being a victim of kidnap at a young age along with his brother as babies (Yoshi's island series). The fact that Mario lived to grow up into an adult is thanks to the Yoshis who saved baby Mario and returned him back to his parents when he was a baby. This story line kinda contradicts the tales Mario tells about his past in the New York Mario story line, but what ever is the real story, Mario has had a pretty complicated past, even if most people don't seem too worried about it. They are more concerned about that many things Mario has done in his life so far.

Mario is a man larger than life. Mario saves royalty, defeats evil, has been in the olympics, traveled through outer space, has time traveled and has held almost as many jobs as Barbie (plumber, Dr, Carpender, construction worker, toy maker, theme park owner, teacher, sports referee, chef, grocery store worker, factory worker and much more ). When he is not adventuring, or saving the princess, Mario enjoys Italian food, throwing/attending extreme game night type parties (Mario Party), racing in go kart championships (Mario Kart), and playing any type of sport that you can think of; hes great at them all!.

In addition to that, Mario has an awesome younger brother named Luigi who he gets along pretty great with (most of the time), and to top it all off, Mario might be dating Princess Peach Toadstool. Not bad for a man who has the same first and last name.

Maybe with Mario's help, you too can become a great success and it all starts with a good education.

Super Mario Backpack - Walmart $19.99

Super Mario group backpack - Walmart $16.30

Super Mario and Enemies backpack - Walmart $17.90

Mario and "friends" back pack - Walmart $18.25 to $19.86 or Target $19.99

Power up backpack - Walmart $25.80

Mario Villains backpack - Walmart $33.98

Mario, Luigi, Toad, Goomba, and spiny backpack - Walmart $18.24

Mario Kart 7 backpack - Walmart $13

Mario Kart 7 messenger bag - Walmart $18.98

Mario Kart: Luigi, Mario and Bowser backpack - Walmart $12.31

Mario Kart checkered backpack - Walmart $18.89 to $19.97

Mario Kart wii backpack - Walmart $23

Mario Kart wii / Mario on bike - Walmart $18.94 to $21

Checkered Mario Kart Mario backpack - Walmart $21

Grey Mario Kart Backpack - Spencer's $24.99

Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, and Toad backpack - Walmart $20.99

Red and blue Mario backpack - Walmart $18.35 to $19.99

Super Mario World backpack - Walmart $14.98

Rolling Super Mario World backpack - Walmart $48.93

Game Time Backpack - Walmart $21 to $27

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad and star backpack - Walmart $23.99 or Target $15.99 or JCPenny $40

Mario and Luigi with coins backpack - Walmart $27.88

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser backpack with Mario face lunchbox - Walmart $16.25 to $19.98

Red and Black Mario Backpack - Walmart $19.95

Bowser and Mario Backpack - Walmart $23.99

New Super Mario Bros Wii backpack - Walmart $21.45

New Super Mario Bros Wii rolling backpack - Walmart $39.99

Mini Mario backpack - Walmart $9.89

Donkey Kong, Toad, Luigi and Mario backpack - Walmart $25.49

Mini Luigi, Mario, Bowser, Waluigi, and Wario backpack - Walmart $15.25 to $22.99

Coloring book style Mario Backpack - Walmart $39.95

Checkered Mario Characters Backpack - Walmart $19.99 or Kmart $10.79 or JCPenny $40

Luigi, Mario, Toad and Bob-omb backpack - Walmart $50.04?!

5 piece Luigi, Mario and Yoshi backpack - Target $19.99 or JCPenny $40

Another 5 piece backpack - Kohl's $17.49

Mario Icons Backpack - Target $19.99

Here We Go! Mario Backpack - Target $15.99 or JCPenny $40

Red Mario Backpack - Target $29.99

Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi backpack with lunchbox - Kmart $12.99 or JCPenny $40

Mario's outfit the backpack - Spencer's $79.99

Piranha plant backpack - Hot Topic $39.92

I love this Backpack - Toys R Us $12.99

Mario's face with toad, Luigi, and Yoshi - JCPenny $40

So many Mario backpacks - JCPenny $40

4. Mario Plush Backpacks

While cute, I have a feeling that at least some of these were not approved by Nintendo. Why? I've seen multiple Yoshi backpacks in a Mario counterfeit/knock off toys forum before. However, they had black straps and were not this model of plush. I don't think I've honestly seen this Yoshi model before. So because it don't look like the fakes that I've seen, I'm cautious label it as a knock off because who knows - this could actually be a real Yoshi plush backpack. Just please be aware that Yoshi plush backpacks and Yoshi plushes in general are a very common knockoff Mario item. Please proceed with caution and take my warning if you are in search of only real okayed by Nintendo items.

As for the Mario, even though he looks a bit beat up (his ear and hat), hes real or at least looks like the real product. The Mario backpack is made by a company named Accessory Innovations and he came out in 2011. Also in that product was Princess Peach, Luigi, Fire Mario, Donkey Kong, Goomba, and Koopa Troopa. They also made Pikachu, Sonic the hedgehog, R2D2, minions, and probably more, but these are the ones I'm aware of. The Princess Peach, Luigi, Goomba, and koopa troopa (pictured below) match what these plush backpacks looked like and so does the Mario (minus the few cosmetic flaws I pointed out), but be sure to check the tags of the products to be sure that you are buying a legit product.

But what do I know... I bought and own a fake Waluigi plush. In my defense, its one of the best looking fakes I've ever seen. It looks so great to the point that It took me years to notice that it was a knock off even though he hangs out in bed with me while I sleep. The real one has embroidered symbols where this one has ironed on decals, the nose is a tad different, and the shoes are a slightly different color. Its not a big difference. Plus his tag also say that it was nintendo approved/licensed and has the nintendo approved seal on the tag... but it was just a lie. Its just a real great, high effort fake. However, my knock off Waluigi is one of my favorite plushes and I still like him a lot even though hes not legit.

Anyways, the lesson here is do some research if you must have 100% real/approved nintendo merch so that you don't find your self scammed. But if you are perfectly happy with a good looking knockoff product of a character that you like, like I am with my Waluigi plush, then just relax and don't worry about it. School shopping doesn't have to be stressful.

Green Koopa Troopa plush backpack - Walmart $24.99

Princess Peach Plush Backpack - Walmart $18.75

Yoshi Plush Backpack (possible knockoff ???) - Walmart $18.79 to $23.50

Goomba Plush Backpack - Walmart $18.56 to $23.50

Mario Plush Backpack (check tags to make sure its Accessory Innovations if you want a legit product) - Walmart $19.99 to $23.50

Luigi Plush Backpack - Walmart $19.99

5. Sonic The Hedgehog Backpacks

One of my biggest issues in high school was getting to class on time. The bus was commonly late and was always one of the last ones to arrive at school. By the time I got to the small lockers many people would be crowded around them making difficult to impossible to get to my locker. And then once I have my locker open, getting my backpack in there and removing the correct items needed for class was a pain in the but. The locker was barely wide enough to even fit my back pack into, so cramming it into the locker was tough (The schools had a don't bring the backpack into the class room rule). Then I still had to get to class. I'd rush through the halls and only be half way there when the bell rang so I would commonly be late to my first class. I'm sure most people don't care about my 2009 to 2013 problems but it was very annoying and I bet Sonic never would of had that problem. Even if his bus was late and he had a difficult time with his locker he would still have probably been able to run through the halls and get into the class room on time or maybe even before everyone else.

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow blue backpack - Walmart $19.25

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow blue rolling backpack - Walmart $40.99

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow red backpack - Walmart $15.25 to $22.98

Shadow, Sonic and Silver backpack - Walmart $18.20 to $19.89

Sonic Boom Backpack - Walmart $16.98

Sonic and Tails Backpack - Walmart $21.45 to $25.80

Sonic and Tails rolling Backpack - Walmart $39.99

Sonic Boom Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails - Walmart $20.89

Tails, Big, Knuckles, and Sonic rolling backpack - Walmart $34.95

Shinny Sonic Messenger style bag - Walmart $15.98

Sonic and Knuckles rolling backpack - Walmart $39.99

Sonic Messenger style backpack - Walmart $49.99

Shadow and Sonic Messenger style backpack - Walmart $39.92

5 Piece sonic backpack with lunchbox, pencil case, clip, and water bottle - Kmart $11.99 or Kohl's $17.49

These Sonics are booming - Spencer's $49.99

Grey Sonic Messenger style backpack - Spencer's $39.99

6. Sonic Plush Backpacks

The Shadow backpack is licensed by Sega and Knuckles is Accessory Innovations. I have no clue about the Sonics. I don't know who makes them or even if they are legit licensed products but they are all apparently at Walmart so if you want them, go get them.

Sonic Plush Backpack (possible knock off/counterfeit/unlicensed product) - Walmart $24.95 to $27.99

Sonic Plush Backpack 2 - Walmart $15.75 to $24.09

Super Sonic Plush Backpack - Walmart $16.25 to $24.87

Knuckles plush backpack (Check for Accessory Innovations tag if you want a legit product) - Walmart $16.35 to 24.99

Shadow plush Backpack ( look for a Sega tag if you want a legit product) - Walmart $16.20

7. Legend Of Zelda Backpacks

The triforce is a sacred symbol in the Legend of Zelda universe. After the creation of Hyrule and Lorule, the 3 triangles of the triforce were left behind by the 3 golden goddesses; DinGoddess of Power, Nayru Goddess of Wisdom, and Farore Goddess of Courage. The Top one is the Triforce of Power, the Left one is triforce of of wisdom and the one on the right is triforce of courage. If Someone were to touch the triforce, a wish can be granted and it molds the sacred realm to reflect the wish maker's heart. However, if a person without an equal balance of power, wisdom, and courage makes a wish, the Triforce will split into its three separate parts: the piece that best personifies the wish-maker will be the only piece to remain in hand, while the other two will take residence in whosoever most personifies them. Reassembly is then required for such a person's wish to be granted, but does not exclude another from making the attempt. If the Triforce ceases to exist, Hyrule would fall apart; the same fate the fell before Lorule in the past. Keeping the triforce close will give you power, wisdom, and courage. You will surely succeed in school if you keep the triforce close in your heart.

Skyward Sword Triforce Backpack - Walmart $36.49

Black Triforce Backpack - Walmart $24.83 to $31.95

Breath of the wild shield backpack - Walmart $47.49

Majora's Mask backpack - Walmart $46.89

Majora's Mask backpack 2 - Walmart $39.99

Zelda/Link Medieval backpack - Walmart $59.99 or Hot Topic $55.92

Gold Legend of Zelda Cartridge backpack - Walmart $34.99 or Spencer's $29.99

Legend of Zelda messenger style bag - Walmart $59.99

Breath of the wild Link backpack - Walmart $59.99

Link's Shield but its a backpack - Walmart $68.59

Stained Glass Link backpack - Spencer's $44.99

Hyrule Map backpack - Hot Topic $27.92

8. Legend of Zelda Plush Backpacks

Is Toon Link your favorite Link? Do you need a mostly silent friend to hang out with? Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure with Link? If you said yes, then today is your lucky day!

Spirit Tracks Link Plush Backpack - Walmart $16.25

Wind Waker Link Plush Back Pack - Walmart $19.99

9. Five Nights At Freddys Backpacks

After a Summer job as a night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, surviving school should be easy. However, the animatronics have fallowed you to your school in disguise of school supplies. Surely they will make your school year interesting. Best of luck surviving.

Five nights at freddys print backpack - Target $16.99

Bonnie Backpack - Target $15.99

Checkered Five Nights at Freddy's backpack - Hot Topic $27.92

Chica, Foxy, and Freddy backpack - Kohl's $17.49

10. Five Nights At Freddy's Plush Backpacks

Much like the pokemon plush bags, you probably won't be able to fit many school supplies inside but they would make a cool fashion accessory for any FNAF fan.

Chica Plush Backpack - Hot Topic $13.79

Bonnie plush Backpack - Hot Topic $12.59

Foxy - Hot Topic $12.59

Freddy - Hot Topic $12.59

11. Angry Birds Backpack

Between 10+ games, a tv show, toys, a movie, and theme park attractions (in the UK, Finland, Malaysia, and China), Angry Birds has become a very successful video game franchise. I'm not joking. Its been downloaded over three billion times after all! If you love Angry Birds, why not pick up this backpack of Red from Target.

Red's face on a backpack - Target $15.99

12. Assassin's Creed Backpacks

Ubisoft's action adventure franchise Assassin's Creed mixes in real world history and historical fiction as the Assassin's fight for peace and free will against the knights templars. Due to the games taking place during the third crusade, the renaissance, colonial era, french revolution, victorian era and other parts of history, Assassin's Creed was practically begging to be made into school supplies.

Assassin's Creed backpack - Spencer's $37.49

Assassin's Creed Suit Built backpack - Hot Topic $47.92

13. Call Of Duty Backpack

With over 250 million copies sold, call of duty has become one of the most popular modern first person shooter series. It should be no surprise that eventually a back pack or other products would be made as well for sale. Just please leave the shooting out of school.

Military Rollup backpack - Spencer's $69.99

14. Doom Backpack

Doom, both a classic and modern shooter, focuses on the adventures of a space marine operating under the auspices of Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) who battles the forces of Hell. As a tough UAC marine, surviving school should be no problem. Also please leave shooting out of school.

UAC Doom Backpack - Spencer's $64.99

15. Kingdom Hearts Backpack

Personally I love Kingdom Heart. The second one and 358/2 are my favorites. As long as you don't lose your memory like Roxas and you got your notes memorized like Axel probably does (Do you get it? Got it Memorized?...) then you will do great at school. That was bad... I think that I've run out of clever things to say and I should probably stop trying to make so many "clever jokes". I'm sorry.

Kingdom Hearts Mission Crown Key backpack - Hot Topic $35.92

16. Halo Backpack

I've honestly never played a Halo game so I'm not sure what to put here... I know Master Chief is a big gaming icon so I feel bad about not knowing enough to write something good here. Sorry.

Black and Olive Halo backpack - Spencer's $49.99

17. Minecraft Backpacks

This creative game is actually the 2nd best selling game of all time and has won multiple awards. Incase you have never played before, Minecraft is all about exploring, gathering, building, and defending/combating. There is adventure mode, creative mode, survival mode, hardcore mode, multiplayer and even spectator mode which lets you watch people play the game, so there are many different ways to play and the fun can last for hours & hours & hours.

Creeper backpack - Staples $22.49 or JCPenny $ 19.99

Block backpack - Staples $22.49

Nether portal backpack - Staples $22.49

Mobs adventure backpack - Staples $22.49

Sword adventure backpack - Staples $22.49

Grey Minecraft backpack - Toys r us $19.99

18. Console & Handheld Backpacks

A gamer couldn't be a gamer without their consoles and handhelds - well unless that are a pc gamer that is... Nes and Gameboy backpacks are below.

Blue Gameboy Color Backpack - Hot Topic $35.92

Gameboy color print backpack - Hot Topic $27.92

Nes Backpack - Hot Topic $35.92

Nes Controller Backpack - Spencer's $34.99

19. Pokemon Lunch boxes

Traveling the different regions and take a lot out of a Pokemon trainer, so its important to have some yummy food with with you to eat or to give to your pokemon.

Pikachu's face lunchbox - Walmart $10.25 or Target $8.99 or Hot Topic $19.50

Pikachu Lunchbox - Target $7.99

Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Charmander lunchbox - Target $8.99

Multiple pokemon lunchbox - Walmart $12.99

Bulbasaur, squirtle, pikachu, and charmander lunchbox - Kmart $5.39

20. Mario Lunch Boxes

I hope she made lotsa spaghetti.

Black background Mario characters lunchbox - Target $14.99

Bowser, Hammer Bro, Spiney, and Mario Lunchbox - Walmart $4.99 or Kmart $5.39

Super Mario group lunchbox - Walmart $12.44 to $12.98

Super Mario Maker Lunchbox - Walmart $8.99

Mario, Bowser, Goomba and Hammer bro lunchbox - Walmart $10.99 to $14.69

Bowser, Luigi, Mario, Yoshi, and Toad lunchbox - Walmart $12.36

Mario Kart wii tin lunchbox - Walmart $14.99

Number one Mario tin Lunchbox - Walmart $14.99

21. Sonic Lunch Boxes

Great storage for Chili Dogs.

Shadow, Sonic, and Silver Lunchbox - Walmart $12.89

Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails Lunchbox - Walmart $12.47

Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails Lunchbox 2 - Walmart $14.50

Shadow, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails Lunchbox 3 - Walmart $13.19

Sonic Boom Lunchbox - Walmart $12.45 to $14.71

Sonic Boom Lunchbox 2 - Walmart $10.25

Knuckles, Sonic, Tails lunchbox - Walmart $14

Tin Sonic the hedgehog Lunchbox - Walmart $15.99

22. Zelda Lunch Box

I'm so hungry that I could eat an Octorok!

Link's Shield lunchbox - Walmart $18.95

23. Angry Birds Lunch Boxes

Suggested food to pack: ham, tomatoes, popcorn, donuts, cake, cookies, lollipops and key lime pie.

Red and Blue colored Angry Birds Lunchbox - Walmart $16.20

Angry Birds Space Lunchbox - Walmart $10.50

Angry Birds group lunchbox - Walmart $15.95 or Target $9.99

24. Five Nights at Freddys Lunchboxes

Pizza and exotic butters.

Checkered Five Nights at Freddy's Lunchbox - Target $9.99

Foxy's face Lunch Box - Hot Topic $19.90

25. Bioshock Lunchbox

This lunch box probably has hop-up soda, potato chips, creme-filled cake, apple, banana, candy bar, cheese, corn, an orange, peanuts, popcorn, and/or a sandwich inside. Hopefully none of the fruit is rotten.

Bioshock Big Daddy Lunchbox - Walmart $15.19

26. Gameboy Color LunchBox

A great portable handheld is now a great portable lunchbox.

Game boy color lunchbox - Hot Topic $19.90

27. Zelda Water Bottle

Bottled Water; great for growing/restoring plants, putting out fires and drinking.

Link Water Bottle - Toys R Us $8.99

28. Pokemon Binder

3 ringed pokemon binders are great for your important school papers in addition to your cards - double the uses!

Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie binder - Walmart $11.99

Eevee binder - Walmart $11.34

Pikachu binder - Walmart $22.47 to $23.98

Pokeball Binder - Walmart $10.79

29. Zelda Notebook

Personally, I wouldn't use this for school since it looks too good to be used for school notes, but its up to you.

Legend of Zelda Hyrule notebook - Walmart $13.47

30. World Of War Craft Notebook

Wow its a WOW notebook!

Wow legion notebook - Walmart $10.76

31. Nes Notebook

Control how well you do it school by writing good notes and studying.

Nes Controller notebook - $24.99

32. PacMan Folder

A great folder for retro gamers and arcade lovers.

Om nom nom folder - Kmart $.30!!!

33. Minecraft Folders

Maybe putting your important papers into a minecraft folder will create building blocks for success?

Minecraft 1 - Kmart $1

Minecraft 2 - Kmart $1

Minecraft 3 - Kmart $1

Minecraft 4 - Kmart $1

34. Snes Folder

Take control of your life with this retro gaming folder.

Take Control Folder - Kmart $.30!!!

35. Pokemon Pencil Case

This would go great with one of the many pokemon backpacks shown at the start of this article. In fact the pattern even matches one of the bags. How cool would it be to have both?!

Magikarp and Gryarados Pencils Case - Walmart $19.04

36. Angry Birds Pencil Case

Great for the upcoming Angry Birds supplies.

Angry Birds Space Pencil Case - Walmart $6.89

37. Angry Birds Pencil Topper

Is this Jay, Jake or Jim? Well whatever one he is, he'll look great on your pencils.

Angry Birds blue pencil topper - Walmart $5.99

38. Pokemon Erasers

Normally I'd say to catch all these very cute pokemon erasers but its not worth the price if it was marked correctly. My guess is they meant to put $9.99 instead of $99.99. one extra number can make a very huge difference.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Wobbuffet, Pikachu, Meeowth, Squirtle, and Eevee earasers - Walmart $99.99?!!! (according to their website but its probably a misprint in the price.)

39. Angry Bird Erasers

These erasers would go great with the Jay/Jake/Jim pencil topper.

Eraser with female red bird cover - Walmart $7.39

Eraser with Red bird cover - Walmart $7.39

40. Five Nights at Freddy's pens

Golden Freddy, Bonnie, Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and the cupcake. Hopefully these pens don't try to attack you when your writing with them.

Five nights at freddy's pens - Target $3.99

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you found some cool new interesting school supplies that you might have never knew existed and I hope you have a great school year. Also I have a lot more video game related articles on so be sure to check that out if your interested. And for more gaming fun, check me out on youtube. I have two channels that I upload to every week; InvaderBethany and InvaderBethanyGames. InvaderBethany is my main channel. I don't have a specific type of video I upload there but I upload twice a week. On my Second channel InvaderBethanyGames I upload three times a week; Sonic Sundays, Mario Mondays, and Whatever Wednesdays. If you like what you see, please do subscribe.

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I live by New York City and I am so excited for all of the summer adventures.

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The invention of photography

The history of photography is the recount of inventions, scientific discoveries and technical improvements that allowed human beings to capture an image on a photosensitive surface for the first time, using light and certain chemical elements that react with it.


The history of photography is the recount of inventions, scientific discoveries and technical improvements that allowed human beings to capture an image on a photosensitive surface for the first time, using light and certain chemical elements that react with it.

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Health and Wellness

Exposing Kids To Nature Is The Best Way To Get Their Creative Juices Flowing

Constantly introducing young children to the magical works of nature will further increase the willingness to engage in playful activities as well as broaden their interactions with their peers


Whenever you are feeling low and anxious, just simply GO OUTSIDE and embrace nature! According to a new research study published in Frontiers in Psychology, being connected to nature and physically touching animals and flowers enable children to be happier and altruistic in nature. Not only does nature exert a bountiful force on adults, but it also serves as a therapeutic antidote to children, especially during their developmental years.

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Health and Wellness

5 Simple Ways To Give Yourself Grace, Especially When Life Gets Hard

Grace begins with a simple awareness of who we are and who we are becoming.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

If there's one thing I'm absolutely terrible at, it's giving myself grace. I'm easily my own worst critic in almost everything that I do. I'm a raging perfectionist, and I have unrealistic expectations for myself at times. I can remember simple errors I made years ago, and I still hold on to them. The biggest thing I'm trying to work on is giving myself grace. I've realized that when I don't give myself grace, I miss out on being human. Even more so, I've realized that in order to give grace to others, I need to learn how to give grace to myself, too. So often, we let perfection dominate our lives without even realizing it. I've decided to change that in my own life, and I hope you'll consider doing that, too. Grace begins with a simple awareness of who we are and who we're becoming. As you read through these five affirmations and ways to give yourself grace, I hope you'll take them in. Read them. Write them down. Think about them. Most of all, I hope you'll use them to encourage yourself and realize that you are never alone and you always have the power to change your story.

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Breaking Down The Beginning, Middle, And End of Netflix's Newest 'To All The Boys' Movie

Noah Centineo and Lana Condor are back with the third and final installment of the "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" series


Were all teenagers and twenty-somethings bingeing the latest "To All The Boys: Always and Forever" last night with all of their friends on their basement TV? Nope? Just me? Oh, how I doubt that.

I have been excited for this movie ever since I saw the NYC skyline in the trailer that was released earlier this year. I'm a sucker for any movie or TV show that takes place in the Big Apple.

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4 Ways To Own Your Story, Because Every Bit Of It Is Worth Celebrating

I hope that you don't let your current chapter stop you from pursuing the rest of your story.

Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash

Every single one of us has a story.

I don't say that to be cliché. I don't say that to give you a false sense of encouragement. I say that to be honest. I say that to be real.

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Politics and Activism

How Young Feminists Can Understand And Subvert The Internalized Male Gaze

Women's self-commodification, applied through oppression and permission, is an elusive yet sexist characteristic of a laissez-faire society, where women solely exist to be consumed. (P.S. justice for Megan Fox)

Paramount Pictures

Within various theories of social science and visual media, academics present the male gaze as a nebulous idea during their headache-inducing meta-discussions. However, the internalized male gaze is a reality, which is present to most people who identify as women. As we mature, we experience realizations of the perpetual male gaze.

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It's Important To Remind Yourself To Be Open-Minded And Embrace All Life Has To Offer

Why should you be open-minded when it is so easy to be close-minded?


Open-mindedness. It is something we all need a reminder of some days. Whether it's in regards to politics, religion, everyday life, or rarities in life, it is crucial to be open-minded. I want to encourage everyone to look at something with an unbiased and unfazed point of view. I oftentimes struggle with this myself.

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