On Sunday, April 22, 2018, a small group and I completed day 21 of “Awake! Speak Life 21 Day Devotional.” This is the final status update. Our group met daily at 6:45 am. There were two ways to join: live audio on the Facebook page of Nichole Freeman and conference call number: 712-775-7270 code 989416. The call opened with a prayer and closes with an intercessory prayer.

Participants were encouraged to added prayer requests as well as any questions that they had regarding the message. During the last few days of the call, recaps of previous calls became impossible to provide. So, new callers were encouraged to listen to the calls from previous days that were saved on the Facebook.

All participants are encouraged to complete the assignments in each chapter. Tasks included memorization of scripture, affirmation statements, and the incorporation of daily tasks that were a reminder of our self-commitment to change. Our group was reminded daily of our power to speak newness into being which includes wellness, happiness, success, and peace. Our objective was to develop a life-changing habit that replaced negativity with positivity.

After completing day 20, it became evident that our calls and scripture studies would not end on Sunday, April 22, 2018. So, I announced to our group the calls would continue. I also spent time Saturday editing the Awake devotional. A new updated version was published. The eBook was offered for free on Monday, April 23, 2018.

I found that the process of daily prayer and scripture focus was instrumental in my ability to combat negative thoughts that try to surface. It is our Christian belief that the power of life and deaf is in our tongues. So, we are speaking as we believe for newness, prosperity, health, healing, growth and new opportunities. We know that it is impossible to please God without faith and God opens doors for us. Therefore, we continue to study, pray, praise and testify. God is faithful and He continues to provide.

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