For a college student, the sophomore slump is when you're back to school for your second year, and school just isn't as great as you remember it being freshmen year!

When you're away at school you're free to make your own choices and do pretty much whatever you want, so the first summer back from the endless good time that was freshmen year, can be a struggle.

Many rising sophomores spend their entire summer break wishing they were back at school, but when they do move back, things just aren't the same. The sophomore year brings harder classes as you get further into your major, more responsibilities and one year closer to the real world.

It becomes harder to bounce back if you have a low GPA, and many sophomores end up feeling like it's all work and no play.

They're so over boring gen-eds and all of their friends from freshmen year have totally different schedules than them, so there's no one to procrastinate with! That's how many end up wasting their days away, not being productive and not having any fun.

The sophomore slump is real, but you don't have to experience it.

Here's how I combatted the dreaded sophomore slump...

Well, to be fair I studied abroad fall semester of my sophomore year, and with all the new places to see and people to meet, there was no time for slumping. Since I knew I was having the opportunity of a lifetime I didn't want to waste a second of it, and I took that mindset back to the States spring semester and that is what carried me through, pain-free.

When I came back home I was worried I had missed out on so much, so I made it a point to get as involved as I could.

As the semester comes to a close I am happy to say in just a few months I took on 5 leadership roles in my sorority, became an ambassador for studying abroad at my school, and began writing for Odyssey. My grades are better than ever and I am so organized.

I know if I want to be involved in fun extracurriculars at my school I need to stay focused on why I am here in the first place, for my education.

To avoid the sophomore slump be sure to get involved on your campus.

You'll feel more part of your school if you put yourself out there and you can meet forever friends who share the same interests as you.

Change your attitude.

Even when you're stressed or it feels like nothing's going your way, think on the bright side and try to remain positive. What you put out into the universe will come back to you.

Take care of yourself, whether that's staying in when you're worn out or going for a run to burn off some steam, remember it's okay to put yourself first.

Live a balanced life, you can have fun and still get your work done.

Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up. Don't let someone else's bad attitude transfer over to you if they're toxic cut them out.

Smile, you have the power to make every day a good day.