13 Ways You Can Avoid All The Unnecessary Stress While Flying
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13 Ways You Can Avoid All The Unnecessary Stress While Flying

Unfortunately, cars that fly aren't yet a thing and time travel is not possible, so planes are the best form of transportation to get one to his or her final destination, whether it be in the United States or abroad.

13 Ways You Can Avoid All The Unnecessary Stress While Flying

Whenever and wherever you decide to travel to, the majority of the time, flying on a plane is most likely involved. For some, flying is easy and stress-free, but for others, getting on a plane is pretty much the worst thing they can ever do to themselves.

Unfortunately, cars that fly aren't yet a thing and time travel is not possible, so planes are the best form of transportation to get one to his or her final destination, whether it be in the United States or abroad.

As someone who doesn't mind flying but has to deal with three other family members that aren't too fond of it, in due time you tend to learn the tricks and trades of flying like a pro. These 13 things are essential to ensure that one has a somewhat OK experience while traveling on a plane.

Avoid the stresses of flying and make a checklist of all the items you need to stay calm, cool and collective while traveling.

1. Bring a sweater or two.

Shanna Camilleri

Don't ever be fooled by the lack of air conditioning you may feel when you first step foot onto the airplane. I promise, in no time you'll feel like you just stepped into an ice box and will be fighting for a sweater to keep you warm. And once you get on that plane, there is no escaping the cold for the duration of the flight.

2. Have a charged cellular device.

Stephen Leonardi

Having a charged phone is key to a successful flight, especially if the plane offers WiFi. So make sure to have your phone fully juiced up and a battery pack handy, just in case the plane doesn't have a place to charge your phone.

3. Keep a cold beverage handy.

Omar Lopez

Grab a nice cold water or Starbucks to bring on the plane with you. Feeling dehydrated while flying will do nothing but make you want to get off the plane faster than you got on it.

4. Always have tissues.

Kelly Sikkema

With the cold crisp air blowing and an occasional one or two dogs on the plane, us allergy prone people tend to sneeze or have a runny nose most of the time. Having tissues handy will avoid you struggling to get up from your seat every minute and annoying your fellow passengers in the seat next to you.

5. Pack some gum.

frankie cordoba

As the plane takes off to its final destination and starts its final descent, you may experience an uncomfortable pain in your ears. To try and avoid this, chewing gum can sometimes do the trick!

6. Bring headphones.

Alphacolor 13

If flying isn't your thing, sleeping on the plane is definitely not feasible. Make sure to bring a pair of headphones to keep you busy on your cellular device throughout the duration of the flight.

7. Make sure your music is downloaded.


Spotify, Apple Music, you name it, are all great mediums to get your favorite jams from. But in order to listen to your music while in flight, there is one trick of the trade. Make sure to download your music so that once your airplane mode is on, the music is still available.

8. Bring books, magazines, newspapers, or something else to read.

Charisse Kenion

If music isn't your thing, having a book, magazine or newspaper with you to read will make the time go by way faster. And before you know it, you will be at your final destination.

9. Have hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

Matthew Tkocz

As we all know, airplanes are not the most sanitary form of traveling. From people traveling with colds to who knows what, it is best that you take precaution by cleaning the seat area around you to prevent any germs that could possibly get you sick.

10. Only use a carry-on bag, unless...

Arnel Hasanovic

If you'd like to avoid waiting for your luggage, bringing a carry-on bag is the next best option. When you are in a hurry, I promise there is no time to be waiting around for your luggage to come out on the carousel. For all you know, it could be lost or stolen.

11. Avoid bringing overweight bags.

Rui Silvestre

When bringing a carry-on bag, worrying about the extra charges of your bag being overweight is a thing of the past. Worst case, if you need to bring a regular size luggage, weigh it beforehand or bring an extra bag to shove the extra pounds in.

12. Use the kiosk or check in early.

Matthew Smith

If you are one to get to the airport with limited time left before your flight, either use the kiosk stand to avoid the lines or check in the day before so you have your ticket already available to you.

13. Avoid booking a flight last minute.

Damian Zaleski

The best way to avoid spending the extra money on travel is by booking your flight at an early time when tickets aren't almost sold out. If you so happen to need a flight at the last minute, using Kayak or other flight providers will help you do so.

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