I don't know about you, but ever since I've gotten to school my bank account is reaching some scary low numbers. So in the spirit of Black Friday and my personal favorite, Cyber Monday, I've decided to share some of my tips for saving and earning money while at university.

1. Take advantage of your meal swipes

A lot of times it can be extremely tempting to order food from off-campus.

Whether it's Insomnia Cookies or your local Chinese food restaurant, it just seems so much more convenient to have food delivered right to your dorm rather than having to walk all the way to the dining hall. But this is where your money gets drained. $25 might not seem like a lot to spend on a Saturday night but it adds up SO FAST, you'll be broke and begging your parents for money before you even realize it.

2. Sell your old clothes online

Apps like Poshmark make it super easy for you to connect with people that will buy clothing from you. While you may not be making a profit off of what you sell, it's still money in your bank account at the end of the day instead of that sweater you never wore taking up space in your over-stuffed drawers.

3. Sign up for UNiDAYS

One app/website I swear by is UNiDAYS because they give you so many student discounts from a wide variety of brands. Before you buy ANYTHING check this site for a sale. They also send you emails about new deals which brings me to my next point...

4. Watch your inbox

If you're like me, you've signed up for accounts on multiple different online shops. This means you're getting emails ALL THE TIME. While many are them are not worth opening, when Cyber Monday comes around, start reading all of them. You'll find amazing sales for most online shops that will keep you from over-spending.

5. Take online (reliable) polls

An easy way to make (a very small amount of) money is to sign up for a website that will pay you to answer their questions. I like Opinion Outpost and Google Rewards, personally, and the surveys are super easy to take in your free time.

6. Conserve and repurpose

Invest in a set of silverware; it will keep you from having to repurchase plastic utensils all of the time. Buy a reusable water bottle; don't keep buying giant cases of water bottles. Use the boxes you get in the mail to store random items and organize your drawers instead of buying containers for EVERYTHING.