6 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Broke College Student

6 Ways To Avoid Becoming A Broke College Student

Cyber Monday is coming up y'all!

I don't know about you, but ever since I've gotten to school my bank account is reaching some scary low numbers. So in the spirit of Black Friday and my personal favorite, Cyber Monday, I've decided to share some of my tips for saving and earning money while at university.

1. Take advantage of your meal swipes

A lot of times it can be extremely tempting to order food from off-campus.

Whether it's Insomnia Cookies or your local Chinese food restaurant, it just seems so much more convenient to have food delivered right to your dorm rather than having to walk all the way to the dining hall. But this is where your money gets drained. $25 might not seem like a lot to spend on a Saturday night but it adds up SO FAST, you'll be broke and begging your parents for money before you even realize it.

2. Sell your old clothes online

Apps like Poshmark make it super easy for you to connect with people that will buy clothing from you. While you may not be making a profit off of what you sell, it's still money in your bank account at the end of the day instead of that sweater you never wore taking up space in your over-stuffed drawers.

3. Sign up for UNiDAYS

One app/website I swear by is UNiDAYS because they give you so many student discounts from a wide variety of brands. Before you buy ANYTHING check this site for a sale. They also send you emails about new deals which brings me to my next point...

4. Watch your inbox

If you're like me, you've signed up for accounts on multiple different online shops. This means you're getting emails ALL THE TIME. While many are them are not worth opening, when Cyber Monday comes around, start reading all of them. You'll find amazing sales for most online shops that will keep you from over-spending.

5. Take online (reliable) polls

An easy way to make (a very small amount of) money is to sign up for a website that will pay you to answer their questions. I like Opinion Outpost and Google Rewards, personally, and the surveys are super easy to take in your free time.

6. Conserve and repurpose

Invest in a set of silverware; it will keep you from having to repurchase plastic utensils all of the time. Buy a reusable water bottle; don't keep buying giant cases of water bottles. Use the boxes you get in the mail to store random items and organize your drawers instead of buying containers for EVERYTHING.

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Kristin Chenoweth's Wicked Great Jewelry Collection From HSN

We all know Kristin Chenoweth as the 4'11 blonde who can sing like no other, but did you know she had a WICKED jewelry line too?

As some of you may know, I adore Kristin Chenoweth. I also adore jewelry. Now imagine that Kristin Chenoweth has a jewelry collection on HSN. Well, SHE DOES! Recently she was on HSN showing off her stunning, gorgeous, elegant jewelry. I saw a bracelet that I just had to get! It was the "Broken Arrow" bracelet. Since I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, I had to get it! By the way, this 4'11 powerhouse diva is from Broken Arrow, as well!

"Broken Arrow" Bracelet

.28 ctw Sterling Silver

Only $49.95, or 4 flex payments of $12.49, on HSN.

Kristin's whole collection is so cute! You can get the pieces in silver or gold, which I love because you get a variety! I really enjoy how each piece has a story behind it. For example, back in December, I got a bangle from her collection. The bangle is called "Music Heals." Since I am very dedicated in the music world, this was also a must-have. The message behind this piece is amazing. Music really does heal and every time I wear the bracelet, I am reminded that and also reminded why I do what I do.

"Music Heals" Clef & Note Bangle

.31 ctw in Sterling Silver or Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

Only $78.00, or 4 payments of $19.50, on HSN.

Her collection ranges from bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. These pieces make perfect gifts for your family, friends, or even yourself. They are delicate, shiny, and also very easy to wear with casual or fancy clothes. Oh, and if you are a hashtag lover like Kristin, then I recommend you to check out her hashtag necklace or ring because it is #toocute. Anyway, after I bought the bracelet, I decided to call back and try to get an on air call to talk to Kristin and tell her I bought a piece of jewelry! Within at least five minutes or so I was put through and got to chat with her!! I told her that I was apart of her Broadway Bootcamp this summer, and she remembered me! It was so much fun getting to chat with her about her jewelry and about this summer with her. Next thing I know, I won the birthday giveaway HSN was doing for their 39th anniversary. I won a gorgeous, stunning necklace from her collection. The name of the necklace is "Stay the Course."

"Stay The Course" Y-Drop Necklace

1.25 ctw in Sterling Silver or Gold-Plated Sterling Silver

Only $59.95, or 4 payments of $14.99, on HSN.

I can't say thank you enough to Kristin and HSN for picking me as their winner! I was so thrilled to just talk to her again and winning the necklace really topped it off. If you love jewelry like me, I highly recommend buying some from Kristin's collection. You won't regret it at all! I promise you! The prices are very reasonable and affordable. I hope you decide to get some jewelry from her collection, which you can find here at the Home Shopping Network.

Cover Image Credit: HSN

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Canibidoil Of Springfield

A look into the emergence of Springfield's first and only Cannabidiol Boutique... and the legal gray zone it may find itself in.


Cannabidiol oils, edibles, and treats. To those not well versed in the terminology of hemp horticulture, these items sound like a list of goods one could only hope to obtain in Colorado or another progressive pot state. Surprisingly, a new business has come to Springfield Missouri, bringing these items and more with it!

The store, called "CBD of Springfield", is owned and operated by Emily Christianson and her husband, Chad. The store opened in December and is located on Campbell Ave.

Christianson and her husband are currently the only sources of Cannabidiol (CBD) merchandise in Springfield. Objects sold include lotions, oils, vape juice, and treats- for humans and their canine, feline, or equestrian pals. (Humans purchasing these items must be at least 18 years of age.)

According to Christianson, her CBD products can help consumers with depression, anxiety, arthritis pains, and inflammation. What it will not do, she notes, is get someone high. While most people associate cannabidiol and hemp products with marijuana, the fact is that hemp and marijuana plants are not the same plants at all, but merely in the same family of plants. Christianson explains that her products only have a 0.03% THC content and are not psychoactive.

The questionable business aspect about CBD of Springfield centers around Missouri's strict code for the use of medical marijuana. While very specific cases for medical marijuana were recently legalized in Missouri, the law says that it must be used strictly to treat severe cases of epilepsy.

It further details that a neurologist must verify that a patient has tried at least three other treatment options before allowing a patient to turn to medical marijuana as an option.

Finally, all patients that meet these requirements are then issued a government registration card, verifying that they have met all of the requirements and are then permitted to purchase and partake in medical marijuana and CBD products as a treatment for their epilepsy.

Attorneys throughout Missouri have disagreed on the legality of selling CBD products in Missouri. Two years ago, the state attorney general stopped dozens of stores from selling CBD products, though more retailers have resumed the practice since then.

CBD carries an almost snake-oil-like propaganda of being able to relieve pain or help with nearly any kind of ailment. Though users of CBD oils support this claim, it has little scientific backing, with the only medical diagnosis it has been proven to help is epilepsy.

Medical professionals are in disagreement with the effects, attorneys are in disagreement over the legality, but Christianson remains certain that her business is helping those in need and will continue to do so.

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