Avicii's New Song Hits Everyone's Heart

I still remember how I discover Avicii and how he was becoming famous. I was thirteen when his single hit played all over the radio, "Wake Me Up." I listen to the song in the car on the way to school. I had it playing as background noise while I was doing homework. I was even jamming out to it while working out. It was a super catchy song and it was everywhere I went.

His fan base rapidly rose and his shows were selling out. From the outside, it looks like Avicii was living his life to the fullest of success. However, success doesn't always come with happiness. In Avicii: True Stories, a 2017 documentary, portrayed the sad reality that Avicii actually faces. His struggles shown on the documentary represented foreshadow of his later death.

About a year ago, Avicii died but his music legacy still remains to live. Just this month, his new single featuring Aloe Blacc, SOS, was released. Once again he proves he was more of a composer than a performer. He focuses more on creating and perfecting the music rather his stage presence. Many artists still look up to him and respect the way he produces his music.

Although his death still is questionable today, his music is going to continue to thrive because his new album, Tim, is said to come out during June. Avicii's real name is Tim Bergling. I think they use his real name to show his fans a real side of him. This might give his fans some sense of closure and what not a better way to do it through music.

His team told the public earlier this month the plan was close to finishing at the time of his death. Now, it has been finished with the help of other musicians. The single, __ is just a teaser of what they have ready. His life was too complicated to know and understand. He went through some deep conflict and while this album intention isn't supposed to make people mourn but enjoy and celebrate him with the music he left us.

For more details of Avicii's new album, check out REDROLL's article.

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