Just this week, it was announced that Avicii will be releasing one more album despite his recent tragic passing. His family has chosen to make sure that even though Avicii has passed, that the music he was working on will be heard by his adoring fans across the world.

This is the first anniversary of Avicci's death, in April of 2018. Like too many others, suicide claimed his life.

The album is named TIM, after his given name Tim Berlinger. He was nearly finished with a 16-track album when he passed, according to the Nordic Universal studio as well as his family. There will be a single from the album called "SOS" released this month, while the entire album will be released sometime in June.

All proceeds from the album will be going to a good cause. The money will be supporting the new Tim Berlinger Foundation, which is aiming to help prevent suicides like Avicii's and in general, educate and care for mental health.

His family and other musical collaborators have done their best to make sure that the album is as close to what Tim wanted as possible.

It will certainly be a pleasure to hear more music from the incredible artist, but absolutely heartbreaking that he will not be here to share it with us himself.

It just goes to show that no matter how dark the world may seem and no matter how bleak it may be, there will always be people who want to hear your music, or hear what you have to say. May Tim Berlinger Rest in Peace.

If you have experienced or know someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to speak to someone. We want to hear from you now.