Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

I lied about the way I felt for him, but I'm glad I did.


Leaves were changing colors as they were slowly falling down to the ground. Autumn had finally begun. I was trying to look up at the leaves that were still hanging from the branches attached to the tree, making it seem that I was not going to cry. What was he trying to tell me? Was I ever good enough to be with him?

That answer was already no, but I never could understand. "Don't worry, we can always be friends," I said, feeling undeniably defeated. I tried to cover up the fact that this was my way of "letting go." I lied about my feelings for him, but he didn't care. He already sent me to a destination called "The Friend Zone."

He was the only person who knew my insecurities, the ones that make you wake up at 3 AM. He told me about his family life at home, despite them always smiling at everyone they encountered. I wanted to ask him: "What happened to us?" He wouldn't have answered my question either way. If he did, he would've responded with a snarky remark of some sort. I still don't know why I followed him so much. He would have made me dig myself in a hole, and I still would have praised his feet as if he were God.

It should not have been like that. I should've put barriers around my heart; it's the most valuable thing I have within me. Thinking about it, I'm here writing about the fact that regret had never felt so terrible as it did at that moment until it didn't. I lied about the way I felt for him, yet somehow I'm glad I did.

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10 Things To Do When Feeling Creative

A list of things to do when your creative juices are flowing and you need to put them to good use!

A list of ten things that I do when I'm feeling creative--some ideas for you!

1. Paint

Head to a craft store and purchase some canvases, paint brushes, and paints and paint yourself some unique, beautiful pictures!

2. Slime

Make a plethora of different homemade slimes! This can be super fun and super messy if that's what you're in the mood for!

3. Pottery

There's so much you can do with pottery! You can paint, create, decorate and more! Get yourself some pottery clay and make something awesome!

4. Color

Get a few coloring books and make it a goal to complete every single page!

5. Scrapbook

Scrap-booking is one of my favorite things to do! The best part is, you can literally use anything you want because its so free!

6. Write

Feeling creative with your words? Write a short story, a poem, a song, this is just as creative as any other crafting.

7. Makeup

No matter what some people may say, makeup is definitely art to me. Practice some new looks if you want, or try a new product. Makeup is never supposed to look one certain way! There are no rules with it.

8. Redecorate

Feeling bored with your surroundings and also feeling creative? Rearrange your room, clean up, and redecorate if you want!

9. Shop

New clothes, new style? Try some new looks!

10. Photography

Go out with some friends and take a super cute and fun photo shoot!

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You Should’ve Left Me: A Poem

You should leave me before it's too late.


You should've left me the night you came home late,

The night I saw your texts with her and felt my love fade.

You should've left me when I asked if you loved me,

Instead of making me feel like you were too drunk to think clearly.

You should've left me when I cried on your shirt,

Instead of kissing me softly and telling me how you never meant to make me hurt.

You should've left me when I asked for a break,

Instead of crying and telling me how much you needed me to feel sane.

You should've left me when I stopped living in the moment with you,

Instead of trying to win me back with those sweet, sweet words that always seemed too good to be true.

You should've left me when I wouldn't stop using my phone,

Instead of assuming there wasn't another guy and you still were my comfort and home.

You should leave me before it's too late,

because I might just do what you did on that night that made my love fade.

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