The city air smells of pizza and cheap perfume. Amateur artists display their work while musicians perform upbeat songs for tips. A group of policemen on horses are posted in the middle of the closed-down road. A man with a snake twisted around his arm walks by calmly. Sounds of popular R&B; songs act as the heartbeat of the scene as people dance and throw their heads back in drunken laughter.

These are just a few of the things you should expect to see on Austin, Texas's famous Old Sixth Street, which is located between Congress Avenue and I-35.

When it comes to keeping Austin weird, Dirty Sixth takes the cake every weekend as it is the hub for all things unusual and unexpected. The road is chock-full of people looking to have a good time, and the vibe in this location cannot be replicated.

In such a chaotic scene, it's vital to have a plan ready in order to stay safe and have a good time. As a local, I am here to help those of you who will be visiting one of Austin's greatest attractions. Here are some tips for those interested in partying in the Live Music Capital of the World.

What to bring:

It's important to bring as little items as possible, especially if you are planning on tossing back a few cocktails, so keep this in mind when stuffing your pockets. It's best to bring some cash as well as your debit card, your phone and, of course, your ID. Try to keep these items close to you in a place where they are unlikely to be lost.

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Most will think to put their stuff in their back pocket, but it's ideal to keep it in your front pocket, or shirt pocket, where you can be more aware of your things. The goal is to be handsfree and careless, so purses, wallets or man bags are less than ideal things to take to Dirty Sixth.

What to expect:

Keep in mind that on Sixth Street anything can happen. There has been multiple incidents of shootings, lost valuables, assaults and more along this party street. However, you will still have a fun time as long as you are always aware of your surroundings and never by yourself.

Try not to go to sixth street alone, steer clear of suspicious behavior and always keep track of the items that you carry with you.

Places to eat:

Voodoo Doughnut is known for its creative array of fried dough desserts. From a vegan peanut butter and jelly doughnut to a maple bacon bar treat to the captain crunch doughnut located below, it's obvious that this shop is good at producing yummy tastes for anyone's needs.

It's located alongside Sixth Street's clubs, and it makes for the perfect sweet snack during your action-packed night in Austin, Texas. Keep in mind that it is a cash-only restaurant, and all doughnuts are made fresh daily, according to their website.

For more information on this establishment, go to

For those looking for a saltier alternative to doughnuts, Roppolo's Pizzeria is another popular restaurant that people can't seem to get enough of. The road is scattered with people indulging themselves on this delicious food, and your night on Dirty Sixth won't officially be over until you end it with a slice in hand.

You can buy pizza by the slice or as a whole pie as you enjoy all that Sixth Street has to offer.

Look to their website for info on their history and what to order:

Austin's Old Sixth Street can be a risky place to spend a drunken night, but it's also one of the most famous entertainment districts in the world, according to its website.

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