August Is *Almost* Over, Time To Start Setting Some Goals

Now That August Is *Almost* Over, It's Time To Start Setting Some Goals

Unlike the New Year's holiday.


Most people love to make resolutions and create goals on January 1st. It's a new year, and everything resets into place. But have you ever thought of making those goals on September 1st?

I do it every year. Although I feel refreshed when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, my goals are already set, active, and in motion. Why? Because I'm still a student.

Yes, this is directed towards school/college/graduate students, but if you're none of the above and you want to join in on the fun and read my advice, go for it! I encourage it.

I feel like this will change when I transition into the real world with a big girl job, but since I'm continuing my education in graduate school, I'm still on cloud Student.

Summertime is the season when we tend to forget about some things and we just want to have fun. Guilty as charged. But August is slipping away from us in a panic almost, so now, shit is going to start to get back into a routine.

When that happens, make some new goals for the academic year.

Whilst roaming through the store the other day, swearing I wouldn't spend any more money, I came across a really cool planner with motivational quotes and lovely stickers in it. I had to get it because planners help me organize my thoughts, plans, and goals.

Immediately, when I got home, I started writing everything down. I was making goals for the upcoming school year. I was writing down every birthday and every vacation. I was marking down when I had to work and when I had class.

I think it's so great to have a planner because it helps you organize literally everything. You won't forget anything and you'll stay motivated throughout the term. Without one, your mind will be scrambled, and your brain will most likely forget about it all because it will be in maximum overload.

I believe that making goals in September instead of January is easier, at least while I am still a student. January can screw you up because you are already mid-year in student months. If you love to start over in January, that means that you may have a routine or job that helps you learn and move that way.

As long as I am a student, which will be until 2021, I will start over in September. August is the last month where I can have my fun and make my plans with friends without having to worry about responsibilities (kind of, not really). September is serious, and I promise that I will set the best goals yet this year.

Come join me. Whether you love New Year's or Labor Day, it's still good to reset and achieve! Happy planning!

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