9 Reasons Why Auburn Is Obsessed With Jarrett Stidham And Kennedy Brown

9 Reasons Why Auburn Is Obsessed With Jarrett Stidham And Kennedy Brown

Can you say #couplegoals?


If you go to Auburn, went to Auburn, or are an Auburn fan, then you know about Jarrett Stidham and Kennedy Brown. Jarrett has brought Auburn into an incredible football season, and his relationship with Kennedy Faith has renewed my faith in Auburn boys.

Let's just embrace our obsession with their relationship already, we all know we've stalked them once or twice.

Here's a few reasons why they're couple goals:

1) They're a power couple.

What do you get when you put a soccer player with a football player? A definite power couple. They both do WORK on the field and go to highly ranked academic schools, as well.

2) He tags her ring finger in every Instagram.

Don't believe me? Go look right now. If that isn't the sweetest and boldest move ever made on Instagram, then I don't know what is. You go Jarrett Stidham, my hat's off to you.

3) They give long distance couples hope.

The trip from Baylor to Auburn or Auburn to Baylor is not a quick one; 740 miles to be exact. However, despite their busy lives, Kennedy and Jarrett always find time to be there for each other and support each other.

4) Their vacations are so Insta-worthy

From the Bahamas to New York City, this couple has documented their travels in the most picturesque ways imaginable.

5) They do "normal" college kid things.

Night out at Sky Bar or eating at The Hound? Hey look, there they are. Walking across Samford Lawn with a glass of Toomer's lemonade? Yup, they're there too.

6) Kennedy is her own person.

She's not Jarrett Stidham's girlfriend; she's Kennedy Faith Brown. A soccer star, a big sister, and an extremely stylish 21 year old. Shes a strong, independent woman, who doesn't need but chooses to date Jarrett.

7) They support each other through wins and losses.

When we #beatbama this Iron Bowl, Kennedy was there for Jarrett and when we lost the SEC championship, Kennedy was still there for Jarrett. We all go through ups and downs, or wins and losses, in our lives and your significant other needs to be able to support you through whatever the situation may be.

8) They share strength in their faith.

Both Jarrett and Kennedy strengthen their love for each other through their love for the Lord and all that He does for them. Although I am not a religious individual myself, I can definitely appreciate the value of shared faith in a relationship.

9) They are an example of the modern day love story.

They literally started from the DMs and now they've been together for nearly two years! Doesn't that give all of us some faith in the modern dating game? I, for one, would love for my very own Jarrett Stidham to slide into my DMs.

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