From what people have said about who I am, most would describe me as a hard-working individual with a solid work ethic. Those same people would describe me as willing to help whenever I can, perhaps to a fault. Being the person that comes through whenever I am needed in big ways, the biggest downfall that comes of it is my lack of attention to detail in the shortest, simplest ways. I can do really well on some big essay or test, or save people whenever in they are in big trouble. However, the fatal flaw in my game is that I let a lot of little things slide that I shouldn’t, and it costs people their sanity when these little errors build and build to a point where they get driven insane.

Sometimes, the lack of attention to detail can be funny, but the truth is often said in jest. Recently, the Yahoo Finance Twitter account tweeted out: "Trump wants a much *igger navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost." From the reaction of “Black Twitter,” you can fill in the blanks of what that asterisked letter was. The letters ‘b’ and ‘n’ are close together on the keyboard, that’s a given. However, the social media director should double and triple check all Tweets sent out in this era of fake outrage, that goes double for ‘that word.’ Mistakes are made, but that, unfortunately, that is a big mistake.

As somebody that has made his share of mistakes, no matter how big or little, I hate to die on the “he/she/they/you/I should not” hill. I hope nobody interprets me as the guy who sits on a high horse/on a soapbox pointing people out for their mistakes. I’d like to say that I’m perfect; far from it. We are all a work in progress, just learn from your mistakes, and you’ll be okay.