Atlanta Rapper 'Cinneidigh' Releases New Album
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Atlanta Rapper 'Cinneidigh' Releases New Album

Discovering music was like discovering an entire universe I never knew existed.

Atlanta Rapper 'Cinneidigh' Releases New Album
Julian Edwards

Julian Edwards, also known as Cinneidigh, is a 19-year-old rapper in the local Atlanta area but also a student at the University of West Georgia studying to become a medical doctor.

He started writing music early in his freshman year of high school. Cinneidigh had been working on an album for 3 years that produced early August. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Cinneidigh to learn where his influences come from and what has inspired him to write and start pursuing music.

Q: When did you first start writing music?

A: "I started writing music freshmen year of high school. I remember I would write freestyles when I was sitting around the house, at the lunch table at school or whatever. It didn't stop there though, I always wanted to improve. I had no idea it would become a passion but I remember it started like that. Eventually, I recorded my first song. It was on the day of the super bowl when the Ravens played the 49ers. I was so focused I didn't even watch the game."

Q: What inspires you to write?

A: "There is a quote that says Music is what emotions sound like, that is what inspires me to write."

Q: What was the first song you wrote?

A: "It was my own version of Tyga's 'Rack City.'"

Q: How long did it take you to produce your album?

A: "It took me around three years to complete this album. I wasn't consistently working on it though. I had to balance music and school. I had to learn to take my time to grow as an artist and develop my own style. In total it took about a year and a half."

Q: What is your favorite song?

A: "'United Kingdom Girl' is my favorite song that I have written. It is a metaphor to me opening up the album. The record is almost like a soliloquy of me talking to myself."

Q: Where do you see your music in the next few years?

A:"In the next few years, I see my music having a bigger influence on a group of people. Whether it is the west coast, up north who knows maybe Grammy nominated. I will take it."

Q: What inspired you to produce music?

A: "I like storytelling. What inspired me to write is that I've always liked writing and reading as a child. discovering music was like this entire universe I never knew existed... It is like your first time at Disney Land. I can create whatever I want. It is a blessing and I thank God."

Even though Cinneidigh (Julian) is only 19 years old, he continues to write and perfect his craft every day. He knows that hard work and dedication can get him anywhere in life. You can check out his latest album Paramount Land on Sound Cloud. Be on the lookout for more of his work.

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