ATLANTA: America's greatest city

Atlanta is one of America's finest cities. You name it, Atlanta's got it.

Iconic suburbs? Check. The suburbs are so far from downtown yet so close. These suburbs also give great places to live that provides the full spectrum of housing options and neighborhood vibes. From crunchy and run down in massive need of TLC, to trendy, gentrified, and earthy neighborhoods with five dollar drip coffee, to middle-class staples filled with strip malls, to over-the-top and boujee-er than heck areas where you can spend more money than you can even imagine, Atlanta has it all.

Great food? Check. The food is simply the best.

Great sports teams? Check. The Braves, Falcons, FC Atlanta; you name it, Atlanta's got it.

Great college sports nearby? Check. The University of Georgia is a sports powerhouse that's only about an hour and a half away.

Nearby vacation spots? Absolutely.

Good jobs? Heck yes. Nearly every major company that you would want to work for has an office in the capital of the south.

Weather? Amazing. It doesn't really snow, but there's still a true fall, true summer, and true spring.

The airport? Hartsfield-Jackson is a great airport and with Delta being headquartered there's always plenty of good and cheap flights to essentially anywhere you want to go.

Golf? Atlanta is a golf lover's dream. There are amazing courses: Peachtree Golf Club, Atlanta Country Club, Druid Hills Country Club, and many others. The weather is also great golf weather, which is of great importance.

Love hiking? Atlanta has got you covered with a nearby mountain called Stone Mountain with great views of the Atlanta skyline.

IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE: Atlanta is a great city with something to offer to everyone. Check it out for your next trip.

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