Astrology is one of those topics that isn't for everyone. Usually, when it comes to astrology there tend to be two different types of people. Those who hate it and think its a huge hoax, and those who wholeheartedly believe in it. I am one of those die-hard astrology fans.

I grew up learning about astrology from my mother. She had been studying and learning astrology for years. When I was born my mom instantly had my chart ordered.

I knew from a young age what my signs were (my basic signs are an Aquarius sun, Leo moon, and Pisces rising) but hearing that never really meant much to me, just fancy words with hidden meanings.

It wasn't until my Junior year of high school that I really started to take an interest in it. Junior year was very hard for me, I began having an identity crisis. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. I

felt lost and alone. I grew up a Christian but I was never been very religious. I had nothing to look to and nothing to really believe in. I was lost and need direction.

It was because of these reasons that I decided I should fix my attention on something new, so I decided I wanted to start doing research on astrology. I slowly started to understand the stars and planets and how they pertain to me.

The research I did on just myself was strangely accurate, I was instantly hooked. This was absolutely fascinating. Hearing that the stars somehow had an effect on me was incredible.

It gave me a sense of purpose, I mean if those beautiful stars above had something to do with me as a person, then I had to be a part of that same whole. I no longer felt alone or separated.

The more I understood astrology, the more I began to understand myself. I was an impulsive, outgoing, stubborn, and exciting person but I'm also very sensitive and very needy when it comes to attention and the stars knew that.

Astrology understood me better than anyone else did. I began to realize that the more I understood my signs, the more willing I was to go out and explore who I was. It would suggest hobbies for me, it showed me the best approaches for me to find friends, it helped me just figure out who I was as a person.

Now let me clarify something, astrology is not something that can be supported by science. It is deemed a pseudoscience but at the same time, it cannot be proven right or wrong. It does, however, seem to bring up a lot of strange coincidences.

The best way of putting it that I have found came from a man named Charles Jameson who writes for a blog called

Jameson says,

(Astrology is) more like the weather forecast, or economics - they make assessments, based on a range of variables and data, and sometimes they can give a reasonable assessment, and sometimes things don't quite work out how they expected (e.g. it rains today, when it was meant to be sunny)

Astrology is not set in stone, but the predictions and assumptions can oftentimes be very real.

With all that being said, do I think astrology defines me? Absolutely not. But did it help me find a sense of self? 100%. I look at astrology as a gateway for discovery, not a defining subject.

Astrology has helped me become more outgoing, understanding, and even more adventurous. I no longer feel lost. I know who I am and because of astrology, I am more willing and able to discover myself than ever before.