15 Quotes To Stay Motivated And Inspired

For Every Aspiring First Year Teacher, Read These 15 Quotes To Stay Motivated And Inspired

Our first year may be our toughest; it can also be one of the best.

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Before we even have our own classroom, we question how we will make it through our first year. We think, "Alright I'm finally going to have my own classroom. FINALLY. But wait, hang on a second. I'm going to have my own classroom. Just me. No one else. HOLY BANANAS."

We all know from student teaching, and other practicums, that this profession is hard work; there's no way around that. So, before we get too overwhelmed, let's decide to instead be inspired and motivated to do our very best. Recently, I attended an education conference and heard these 15 quotes. They genuinely changed and enhanced my outlook on the teaching profession.

So give 'em a chance! Get motivated and get inspired.

"Learning happens at the speed of trust."

"Teaching is a mission, not a job." 

"Students don't care how much time you put into lessons, they just care that you care."

"A student may come to you 'at risk,' but they'll be 'at promise' if you're their teacher." 

"What is your 'why' for teaching?" 

"Don't turn off the switch." 

"There are 65 hours between when kids leave us on Friday and when they come back to us on Monday. Some kids are desperately waiting for Monday. How will you make Monday memorable?" 

"Are your students at an advantage BECAUSE you are their teacher?" 

"We all want to make a difference, but WHY do YOU want to be a teacher?" 

"Everyone remembers their really good teacher." 

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions. It's also one of the toughest.

We can do this!

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