7 Reasons You Should Take Your Dog For A Walk, From A Dog's Perspective

Now that summer break has started, I’ve been working on important abilities that can’t be taught in classes. Dog whispering is the one I want to share today. I’ve been improving every day while walking my dog Niles. He got his name since his fur decided to copy the color of the sand surrounding the Nile river to better stand out in suburban America. After walking him every day, I now see that Niles is a very suitable name for him since he creates little Nile rivers all around the neighborhood.

Through our suburban adventures, I’ve gotten to know him a lot better. I also got to ask him why he likes walks so much. Here are his answers translated to English, but still in his perspective:

1. The aesthetics of it all

I see how much you eat (and don’t share) and how much you stare at the flashy rectangle that makes a terrible amount of noise (instead of rubbing my belly or letting my sleep). It’s ridiculous! I’m helping you keep in shape like me. And, I also need to keep in shape (chasing squirrels in the backyard can’t produce such bulging muscles). This much cuteness wasn’t meant to be hidden within our house. Plus, who doesn’t love my panting face?

2. Keep the neighborhood safe

The world is full of terrible people. They hurt others, intrude, and try to steal your food (trust me, I know. I had to beef up when I was in the pound otherwise I wouldn’t get any beef). With us dogs roaming around, the neighborhood is a lot safer.

I love getting updates from the scents my fellow dog deputies leave around. It would be almost impossible to keep the neighborhood safe without them. Without all of us, the whole neighborhood would burn down. Peeing on the fire hydrants prevent the curious cats from tampering with them and help the firemen smell where they are located.

3. We get to meet the neighbors

If there is one thing I know from living with you, we are all connected. Taking a walk is a great way to meet the neighbors. I get to meet other dogs like me and other humans like you. Even if I don’t physically meet anyone, I can sniff their traces and get to know them. Besides, whenever I meet someone, I immediately sniff them while you awkwardly put out your hand and embrace theirs.

4. Admire gardening:

Our yard isn’t that great. That’s the reason why I never pee on it. It’s just not worthy of the compliment. Especially compared to some of our neighbors’ yards. A beautiful shrub uncontrollably gets my juices flowing. I hope it incentivizes you to revamp the garden so that it attracts more dogs to protect our house. It is exhausting sometimes, especially when all of you go out.

5. We get to discover the rest of the world! (or at least the block)

I don’t need to go away from the house for months (like you) to discover the world. I discover something new every day when we walk around the block. The world is so big. The best part is that I’m simple, unlike you humans. If I don’t understand something, I don’t ask questions, I just move on to the next thing that catches my…squirrel!

6. I have to make sure you know the way home!

I’m technically the closest one to be dead. I’ve experienced a lot in my days, and you think you know what you’re doing, keeping me on a leash. It’s insane! Oh well, I guess its okay so you don’t get lost on the way home. Plus, I make sure you know who’s boss when I lay one of my posterior presents for you (I like how you take my pellets, and you put yours in my food bowl. Seriously, I need different food!)

7. Because you love me

At the end of the day, I’m indebted to you. I eat, sleep, and sleep some more. You have to be crazy to give me food and a home, while I just look good and occasionally keep the neighborhood safe. You have to be even more crazy to follow me on my leash and watch me do my business as we take our walk. I love to take walks because it is the most authentic expression of love you show me every day. It is the most time we spend together, just you and me. And that is pawesome!

The greatest leash is love. It is far stronger than any synthetic plastic science can produce. Stay tethered to one another lest you get lost like my tennis ball. It is replaceable unlike you. Now, I will bark at nothing. Unleash your inner dog and bark with me.”

Over the past few days, I’ve learned a lot from my dog by taking him for a walk. I hope my conversations with him have inspired some of you to take up dog whispering by going on walks. Even if you suck at dog whispering, you can still rock at dog walking.

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