I Asked 71 People 'What Is Something Simple That Makes You Happy?'
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I Asked 71 People 'What Is Something Simple That Makes You Happy?'

And this is what they said...

I Asked 71 People 'What Is Something Simple That Makes You Happy?'
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One of the most important lessons I have learned in my twenty short years of life is that grand gestures are beautiful and fantastic. Yet, sometimes it really is the little things in life that matter the most. I asked Facebook friends, "What is something small or simple that makes you happy?"

  1. "Talking about life during a long car ride." -Nicole, 24
  2. "My children's happiness and accomplishments." -Orazio, 51
  3. "Watching my children laugh." - Baolo, 38
  4. "A smile from a random stranger." - Cassidy, 19
  5. "A chat with a friend I haven't seen in a while." -Owen, 19
  6. "When you find the other sock." - Michael, 27
  7. "Making a baby laugh." -Kelsey, 20
  8. "When I pay for something and the price is $2.05 and the person at the register just says pay for 2 dollars." -Joey, 19
  9. "Outdoor showers and the sky."- Karissa, 20
  10. “The first warm day of the year.” - Brianna, 21
  11. "Babies, old people, and puppies." - Casey, 20
  12. ”A good book." - Allie, 20
  13. "Tea on a cold morning." -Kate, 20
  14. “Singing along with the radio in the car." -Deb, 55
  15. "That moment when you snuggle into your bed after putting on fresh sheets." -Colleen 19
  16. "Seeing the people I love find happiness and encounter success." Jenna, 20
  17. "Lighting things on fire." -Ross, 20
  18. "Late afternoon naps on the beach." -Grace, 20
  19. "A really good hug and when a baby laughs or smiles at you." -Katie, 20
  20. "Good friends inviting us to stay at their beach house every summer." Rena, 50
  21. "Ice cream." -Theresa, 49
  22. "A door being held open by a stranger.” -Rachel, 22
  23. "Pita Pit pizza." -Breanne 20
  24. "When someone tells you they've missed you and talking to your mom after a bad day.” - Maggie, 20
  25. "Music." -Conor, 20
  26. "That awkward half second of eye contact when you pass another car on the highway." -Sean, 20
  27. "A smile from my sons when I walk in after work." -Carolyn, 39 and holding
  28. "Making other people laugh.” -Miles, 23
  29. "Seeing a dog on campus.” Shelly, 20
  30. "Seeing your best friends after time apart.” -Nikki,19
  31. "Fall weather.” - Alycia 19
  32. "Making a birdie, and seeing your children do well.” -Sebby, 45
  33. "Catching 6 Pokemon.” -Ryan, 29
  34. "Letting someone cut into the grocery line." -Joanne, 51
  35. "When someone randomly compliments something about you." -Kelsey, 20
  36. "A sunny beach day.” -Paige, 20
  37. "When my son squeezes me tight and tells me he loves his mommy.” -Jess, 30
  38. “Letting someone elderly have your seat on a bus, train or subway.” -Nella, 58
  39. "Having the first bite of chocolate cake.”-Christa, 20
  40. “Seeing a dog in public and petting it.” -Eva, 20
  41. "Sunday mornings.” Kristen, 20
  42. "Paying someone an unexpected compliment.” -Tom, 59
  43. "When everyone has the right amount of cash to split the bill.” -Aisling, 20
  44. “Taking off your bra after a long day.” -Caroline, 20
  45. "Extra sprinkles on your ice cream.” -Mary, 19
  46. "A drive on a summer night with the windows down.” -Sarah, 20
  47. "Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have more time to sleep.” -Kate, 20
  48. "A gallon of water." -James, 20
  49. “When you're about to pull up to a red light but it turns green before you stop and you fly by everyone who's still stopped at the light.” -Grace, 20
  50. “Feeling salty, sanding, and a bit sunburnt after the beach.” -Carlee, 21
  51. “Stores that offer a student discount.” -Ashley, 19
  52. “Seeing others happy.” -Katie, 22
  53. “Driving and blasting your favorite song during the summer next to someone you care about.” -Jill, 20
  54. “Waking up on a Sunday morning to the sounds of your mom making breakfast.” -Tess 20
  55. "The first sip of hot chocolate every fall." -Kas, 20
  56. “Boxed wine and sunshine.” -Ramin, 20
  57. "Driving with the windows down." -Kayla, 19
  58. “The sound of rain on a camper.” -Brian 20
  59. “Waking up before your alarm and realizing you still have more time to sleep." Julia, 20
  60. “Skinny dipping on a hot summer night.” -Sophia, 20
  61. “A new city.” - Nujhat, 19
  62. “Feeling like you are exactly where you belong.” -Jenna, 20
  63. “The smiles on my customers faces as they see their finished omelet.” -Joanne, 61
  64. “Life talks with best friends.” -Krystal, 20
  65. "The summer." -Julia, 17
  66. “Watching snow fall." -Jen, 19
  67. "Random dance parties, bring watching TV until my head hurts and wearing athletic clothes with no makeup." -Lucia, 17
  68. "The smell of your house after not being home for a long time." -Nicole, 20
  69. "Going out to the movies and splitting popcorn and a soda with your person." -Katie, 20
  70. "A weekend of craziness in a beach house full of family." -Jen, 27
  71. “Driving by a cop and realizing your under the speed limit, using your free refill of large popcorn at the movie theatre on your way out for the ride home and when nobodies home and it is acceptable to eat cereal like an animal in front of the TV.” -Andrew, 27
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