I Asked College Students About Eating Habits And Here's What They Said
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I Asked College Students About Eating Habits And Here's What They Said

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I Asked College Students About Eating Habits And Here's What They Said
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

I have a really hard time eating healthy in college. I want to eat healthy whenever I can, but I find that it's either too expensive or not available. How am I expected to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle when it's nearly out of reach? I decided to see if other people were struggling with the same problems, so I asked 4 college students about their eating habits: here's what the said.

1. How many meals a day do you eat?

"I eat 3 meals a day" Female, age 21
"I’m actually more of a snacker than I am a full meal type of eater. I usually eat something small for breakfast just so I am not starving later on, a simple lunch, snack time until I eat dinner." Female, age 23
" I eat 3 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A lot of times in the morning I forget to eat breakfast so that makes it two. This happens about 2 or 3 times a week. Lunch is definitely my biggest meal of the day. Lately, I have been eating a buffet of some sort. I wish my dinners consisted of more food. A lot of times, I don't have enough food at home. And, I usually eat pasta, rice with meat, or something out if I have the energy." Male, age 22
"I eat 3-4 meals a day." Male, age 21

2. Do you make breakfast, grab a packaged breakfast (Pop-tarts, frozen sandwiches, protein bars, cereal bars, etc.) grab fast food, or go to the dining hall?

"I make breakfast. Most of the time it is one fried egg and one piece of turkey sausage." Female, age 21

"I always have a cup of “almost black” coffee and then either a piece of fruit, toast, or overnight oats." Female, age 23

"I each packaged food. Specifically Jimmy Dean's. And I eat a Chobani Flip Cup Yogurt. Sometimes when I have time, I go to Starbucks to get a drink with either a chorizo breakfast breakfast sandwich or a spinach and feta wrap. When I wake up early, I make a few eggs, scrambled with a glass of OJ and some bacon. So, I eat all sorts of food for breakfast. Predominately, the jimmy deans and yogurt though." Male, age 22

"I usually eat at the dining hall. I will get eggs and bacon or sausage, biscuits and gravy, and sometimes I will get french toast or pancakes, too." Male, age 21

3. Where do you eat a majority of your meals? (at home, at the dining hall, fast food, etc.)

"I eat most of my meals at home." Female, age 21

"At home!" Female, age 23

"I eat a majority of my meals out. I eat a lot of meals at the dining hall. But I also eat at chic fil a, moes, and cookout." Male, age 22

"I eat most of my meals at the dining hall." Male, age 21

4. Do you eat with others or alone?

"I eat with my boyfriend or with friends every night." Female, age 21

"i almost always eat with others." Female, age 23

"I usually eat alone." Male, age 22

" I eat most of my meals with my friends. Occasionally I will eat alone if no one is available." Male, age 21

5. If you were cooking dinner, what would you cook?

"When I cook dinner, I usually make something like zucchini noodles with chicken." Female, age 21

"My favorite dinner includes having various types of veggies (usually baked), with something similar to quinoa, and sweet potatoes." Female, age 23

"I would cook some rice with some sort of meat. Either some cheese stuffed turkey meatballs or some chicken. I also would drink a glass of chocolate milk if possible. I always like trying to cook though. I like looking up recipes and trying new foods of all sorts." Male, age 22

"I don't really cook..." Male, age 21

6. What is the hardest thing about eating healthy in college?

"The hardest part about eating healthy in college is the temptation of bad food due to limited healthy options." Female, age 21

"Food that is better for you is often more expensive, “junk food” is more easily accessible around campus (ex. vending machines in academic halls), and just general exposure to the majority of people our age that have unhealthy eating habits while trying not to fall into them yourself." Female, age 23

"The hardest thing about eating healthy is going out to the store and buying the food. And finding the right, healthy foods I like are hard to find too. Doing the dishes is hard too. I am generally a lazy person but I also like eating so it's a daily struggle. So I eat out a lot to reduce the energy of doing those extra things." Male, age 22

"I don't really like healthy food, so I don't find it a problem." Male, age 21

7. What could be changed to make healthy eating in college easier?

"I think there would need to be more healthy and affordable options on and near campus." Female, age 21

"Incentive programs or education on the importance of taking care of your “whole self”- the physical, emotional, and mental well-being while in college." Female, age 23

"More choices in the dining hall. Foods that are delicious. More variety gives more leeway for different palettes. Also integrating a meal system where meal swipes would buy you more of a variety of foods. I also think that having the dining hall more open to what the students want and actually integrating different foods and systems. More posters and more signage around campus to influence healthy lifestyles." Male, age 22

"If I ate healthy meals, I would want there to be more healthy restaurants around town or more healthy options in the dining hall." Male, age 21

8. Do you think you have enough resources to eat what you want in college?

"I do not believe we have enough resources to eat in the healthy way that I would like to in college." Female, age 21

"Yes and no, the basic resources are beginning to be established but I think that there is still a long way to go with being equally available with other types of foods. For those with dietary restrictions (non-dairy, vegan, etc.) there are nowhere near as many options as their could/should be." Female, age 23

" I think there are enough resources to eat healthy and live a good lifestyle. However, with the nature of an average college student, I do not fully utilize the resources." Male, age 22

"I think there are plenty of options. Sometimes I will drive an hour away to get something I really want if i have to." Male, age 21

9. What is your "go-to" meal?

"In college, my "go-to" meal would be hibachi at the local hibachi restaurant." Female, age 21

"Smoothies!" Female, age 23

"My "go to meal" is some pasta and meatballs." Male, age 22

"I love burgers. My "go-to" meal would be a burger with fries or a Moe's stack." Male, age 21

10. If you were to go out to eat, where would you eat?

"My favorite place to eat out is a Mexican restaurant because it's cheap." Female, age 21

"My favorite restaurant is a local cafe." Female, age 23

"I'm not picky, I'll eat anywhere." Male, age 22

"I really like going to Moe's and Cookout." Male, age 21

After interviewing these people, I realized that we all have different eating habits. While I struggle with eating healthy, some can make do with what is available. The four students are very diverse, and their answers reflect that exceptionally. Overall, I realized that I am not alone, but I also have the capability to satisfy my healthy eating needs. What do you think about your college's eating choices?

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