As a dance major in a college conservatory, I eat sleep and breathe dance. I am lucky to be surrounded by such passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to the arts.

From only a semester and a half, I have learned and experienced that the arts truly are important to keep alive for many reasons. They spark creativity and provide an outlet for ones who are unable to convey emotions properly. While meeting artists of different backgrounds, it has also come to my attention that the arts are not appreciated as much as they should be. I recently asked artists of theater, dance, music, and visual arts why the arts are important and why everyone should participate in them.

1. "The arts are a different way of expressing feelings and releasing emotions."

2. "They are a way to more properly and fully understand humans. The arts are made by people and are about the experiences, lives and learnings of people. The only way to completely express humanity is through the arts!"

3. "The arts bring joy to not only the audience but the people involved in creating it. No matter what form of art you come across or create, it gives a platform to escape from life."

4. "Arts are important because they bring together the toughest-minded individuals to learn life lessons, self-importance, and their craft all at their expense. It’s a way of living that brings abstract objects, visions, dreams all to life in a period of time. It’s a creature that takes habitats in your body since you get your art and it works to your advantage in complete. Art is something that cannot be exterminated, killed, or even destroyed; it is a living heart that will never stop beating."

5. "The arts are important because they provide us with a window to interpret and understand the human experience. Participating in any form of art creates an emotional experience that is shared by the common masses, whether it be an audience or a crowd at an art gallery. Everyone should participate in the arts because at its core it breeds empathy. Even if you participate as a hobby, or as a casual fan, you are therefore opening your mind to create a more holistic worldview..."

No one has to perfect an art. Even professionals are still in a learning process; however, it is important that everyone should participate in a form of art. It is a forever evolving world that is welcoming to all and can provide some of the most comforting therapy.