How to Get Guys to Like You: Ask Jack(ie) #4

This week we're talking about a possible romance ;) Ooh lalaaaa.

How can I get guys to like me?

Dear Ms./Mr. Longing for Love,

Just fart in their face and run away. Everyone farts. So they'll find you relatable! *KIDDING*

There is no certain formula to solve your question and I can completely identify with your dilemma, but the best thing to do is to be yourself. You can get out of your comfort zone a little by flirting and putting out "signals" that you're interested in the guy so that he'll get the hint that you like him and won't be nervous about asking you out. Or, you could become friends and then one day ask this guy you like out on a date.

However, if you're finding that guys don't like you right now, it's probably because they don't know you. Put yourself out there a little more so that you'll get to talking to guys that you like. Maybe go to events around school/ outside of school, or start a conversation with that attractive guy who sits next to you in class. You'll then be able to start talking about things for longer than just, "Hi, how are you? Good.", and they'll see how awesome you are. If y'all end up just being friends or find out that you're not into each other, that's okay! You're already an amazing person on your own. One day when you least expect it, you might find that special guy you're looking for to accompany you in life.

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