8 Reasons Every Fashion Lover Should Know Ashley BestDressed
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Ashley, aka "BestDressed" is a female YouTuber/influencer who I truly think is changing the game. She is unlike any other influencer I've ever seen.

Her channel focuses on fashion, girl talk, interior design, and a lot of other things.

In her videos, she comes off in the best way possible. She seems kind and compassionate, funny and goofy, and so much more. Her videos are so enjoyable to watch and are such a comfort to me.

Although she is fairly up there in terms of subscribers/ followers, I still think she is insanely underrated.

She has been such an inspiration and role model to me in so many ways, and I really want others to experience the happiness that her channel has brought me. And because of that, here are 7 reasons why you NEED to watch "BestDressed" (aka Ashley) on YouTube.

Her style is AMAZING. 


When Ashley named her channel "BestDressed" this girl was not kidding. She says it's because she was voted "Best Dressed" in high school, but personally I think it was fate.

Ashley's style is so beautiful. That's the best word to describe it. She has this aesthetic of like classic femininity (if that makes sense?) but at the same time, current, and trendy.

It's such a personal style that I think Ashley has very specifically curated to tell the world who exactly she is.

And I am in. Love. With. IT. There's not many people who can pull off the outfits she pulls off, but she does it every single time.

I genuinely think that she has the absolute best sense of style, and it's so inspiring to me personally, to up my fashion game and step out of my comfort zone. And I think that could go for a lot of people as well.

She is unapologetically a feminist, and activist on her channel.


This is a big reason why I immediately fell in love with Ashley's channel. She just emulates girl power, and is not afraid to show it, and go into full detail of it.

She can be talking about anything, and bring it back to the struggles that not only women face, but (for those of you who love to hate feminism and call it man-hating) the ones men face as well.

She talks about social problems in our world dealing with the beauty industry, as well as beauty standards and what we can do to combat these things and deal with them, as well as even bigger picture things.

If I wrote about all the ways Ashley had found a way to perfectly include feminism into her videos, I would be here all night, so I'll leave it up to you to check it out.

She also is very vocal about her support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Which is an amazing use of her platform.

Out of respect for George Floyd, and the movement as a whole, she stopped posting videos for a while to reflect. When she began posting videos again, she donated 100 percent of the ad revenue to support the cause.

Ashley has shown so so many times just how caring of a person she is about all the issues going on in our world, and it just makes me like her even more.

She is very open with her audience (sex, boys, insecurity, everything).


Another reason you'll love Ashley is because she is very open with her audience. Although she tells us a lot about her life in all her videos, we really get to know her best through her "girl talk" videos.

These are normally fairly long videos (shot in beautiful lighting btw), where Ashley talks about everything from relationships and sexuality to insecurities and mental health.

But instead of coming off like she's writing in a diary and oversharing, she just comes off as genuine, and sincere.

It's really similar to an older sister or sisterly figure sitting you down and telling you all the shit they've been through, and how they got through it. It's absolutely fantastic. These are personally my favorite videos of hers.

If you want to start with those videos, I would recommend the following:

long my v card, masturbation, and other sexual adventures: https://youtu.be/qE_oqgKk4Lo

real talk about breakups, boys, and blowjobs lol: https://youtu.be/U4mQQc2XUOk

the ugly truth about beauty standards+ my insecurities: https://youtu.be/u5-FA8tu5wE

She is the definition of a boss bitch. 


A really interesting thing about Ashley is she is on her grind. She's the definition of a hard-working boss bitch. She's very modest when talking about it, but it's clear how much time, work and effort go into making her videos. But her videos aren't the only thing she puts her time and effort into.

Aside from YouTube, Ashley also has her own jewelry line, and makes a pretty decent profit on thrifting and reselling previously owned clothes.

She is internet savvy and she knows how to run a business. And this along with her hard work definitely pays off for her. This is one of my favorite things about her because it really does break the stereotype of the man being the hard-working breadwinner, while the woman stays home and does housework.

A lot of times powerful men vs. powerful women are looked at very differently, with the men in a better light than the women.

But, that doesn't affect Ashley's grind. She is her own breadwinner, and that's something I really respect, and it inspires me as a woman.

Her room tours/apartment tours are immaculate.


If her personal style isn't enough for you, then her room/apartment tours will definitely win you over. Before watching Ashley's room/apartment tours and home improvement videos, I had never seen such a perfectly, curated aesthetic that I identified with so closely.

Her home aesthetic consists of a lot of vintage patterns and decor, plants, and convenient clothing racks, as well as funky armchairs that tie it all together.

She's so good at creating such a lovely looking space without making it feel like you're looking at a TV set.

The rooms look loved and lived in, but at the same time, so pleasing to the eye. She creates this perfect space that balances out aestheticism and realism and it's so interesting to watch.

Personally I've gotten so many interior design tips from her and just in general I am so inspired to switch up my living space just from watching her.

Her editing style makes her videos so nice to watch.


Her impeccable editing skills are an entire reason on their own to watch her videos. She has such a unique and personal editing style, that it makes you feel very connected with her while watching the video.

She uses lots of indie and underground artists' music as background music, handmade titles, and borders, as well as B-roll. All of it is just very personal and hand-picked.

Her videos are never boring to watch; they keep you engaged the entire time, and a big part of that is her editing style.

I really do think her editing is top tier, and unmatched. I've never seen anyone with editing as good as hers, and it really just sets her apart on YouTube.

It creates a very very different watching experience, compared to other YouTubers, who have all have a very similar editing style.

She is living the life we all wish we were living honestly. 


And last but not least, Ashley is absolutely living the life we all wish we were living. Currently, Ashley lives in an apartment in New York City. Before that, she was living in Los Angeles, as well as traveling to London.

Aside from the traveling, her life just seems so fun.

From her videos, she can be seen visiting parks, bullet journaling, taking herself on dates, thrifting, and so much more. Although I know there is much more to her day to day life, in general, her life just seems so exciting and fun, and the life that I believe we all deep down want to be living.

She's worked for this life, and while I'm sure it's not perfect, it seems to be pretty great, and that is so incredibly inspiring to me.

The fact that she is making her life exactly how she wants it to be gives my the inspiration and motivation to go out and make my life what I want it to be, and I think that's something a lot of people can take from her videos.

All in all, "BestDressed" aka Ashley, is a hard-working, creative, beautiful woman in every way possible. She has amazing style, with the way she dresses as well as the way she decorates her home, she's a successful woman (which is a feat in itself these days) as well as being open with her audience, whether that be about boys and insecurities, or activism and feminism.

She is everything I would ever want to be, and I think is the same for a lot of young women.

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