What's it like being an only child?

I love being an only child - but I do see siblings who really get along and I can be jealous. I think it also goes the same way.

My whole family includes my mom's side more often than my dad's which means I get my grandparents, aunt and uncle, my three cousins who I am very close to and then my great aunt and great uncle and their kids.

Getting together means so much because we are all so close. Every summer when we were younger we took vacations together to the beach and we spent holidays together. We also all live within only five minutes of each other in the same city. We have so many inside jokes and no one is afraid to talk to someone so no one is ever left out. We have traditions and we follow them to the tee.

This means a lot to me since I do not usually get to spend time with so many blood relatives. My house is normally me and my parents or just me if they are out of town.

I love being an only child it has taught me so much about taking care of myself and it is funny when my friends realize how much my parents know about me because I tell my parents EVERYTHING.

The family getting together is always a celebration and since the grandkids and cousins have gone off to college it is a little harder to get everyone together so these occasions are important.

I write this from my cousin's graduation party and everyone is under the same roof for a few days celebrating his time at App State and we are eating every meal, sharing stories and planning summer vacations.

My cousin did remind me though that he would be moving away out of state which means holidays are the only times we will see one another so it gives me all the more reason to enjoy what I have now. And if I were you I would do the same.

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