The Artist Contributes As Much As The Engineer, And We Need To Start Acknowledging It

The Artist Contributes As Much As The Engineer, And We Need To Start Acknowledging It

A painting won't keep you alive, right? Wrong.


What would our world be without passion? Often, when we are asked to think about aspects of life we cannot live without, our minds gravitate toward a number of basic things: food, health, love and shelter. Meanwhile, others think of the "essentials" of science and technology, as they build us to be "better."

I have found that this mentality often leads our society to push the artists and creators to the back. After all, a painting won't keep you alive, right? Wrong.

Growing up, I was always a more creative child. I loved making songs, painting, doing crafts and telling stories. As I got older, this manifested into a deep passion for the arts, and in particular, the art of literature—something I have grown to realize that everyone loves, but no one wants to appreciate.

Like many other aspects of the creative world, art, in all its forms, is seen as something that has always been there and always will be. However, many creatives have been ostracized for doing what they love. They're often asked if what they love is "valid."

And although, arguably, every path in life can be picked at and questioned, how often are those whose passions dwell in math and science asked, "But what can you really do with that?"

Now, this isn't meant to shame the STEM majors of the world into praising the artists. But it is meant to shed some light on the reality of our world. For many creatives, we spend three-quarters of our time proving that our voices deserve to be heard — that the things we create and the life we wish to pursue are "worth it."

The other quarter of our time is spent actually creating. And then comes the challenge of validation.

Many individuals don't see a need to pay for art, share it or go to shows, even when the art belongs to those they adore. For example, one of my many creative passions is photography. Although everyone wants beautiful pictures, few wish to pay for them. At certain points, our passions can feel worthless because few wish to compensate us for our creations.

Although money is rarely ever the reason why we do what we do, how often do you find an accountant begging to be compensated for their work?

Art and creativity are essential parts of life. It is in the minds of creative people that life becomes more beautiful. Brilliant literature, paintings, songs and photographs are just a few of the things that make life worth living.

In order to grow and develop as individuals, we need to experience beauty and the finer things in life. Without people creating works of art, life would not be as amazing as it is.

So I challenge you: Find a local artist or talk to an artistic friend, and tell them how much you adore their talent. Tell them to never stop creating and adding to the beauty that exists in the world.

Arguably, life can go on without numbers, figures and statistics. But we cannot go on without passion.

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