Paint Your Own Story With Any Of These 3 Canvases
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Paint Your Own Story With Any Of These 3 Canvases

Canvases are liquid.

Paint Your Own Story With Any Of These 3 Canvases

If you are given a canvas and a paintbrush, chances are you'll draw a flower or maybe the sun, and that will be your work of art. Your craft on the canvas will solidify you as an artist. However, one thing that is important to note is that an image is not the only thing you can craft when it comes to your canvas— your canvas is limitless in its form and the direction you can take it in.

A Blank Page

"Writing is the painting of the voice."

Some of us use empty pages and blank documents as our canvas. Our hearts and innermost thoughts bleed on to these pages, and they are a way for us to feel. We turn fragments of our desires, our heartbreaks, our hopes and our dreams into fragmented words and sentences. The splatter of the black and white ink creates a raw representation of the art that lies within our minds.

Notable Artists: William Shakespeare, Kate Chopin, Virginia Woolf

Painting Silence

"Music is the art of thinking with sounds."

Others turn their heartbreaks and their hopes into sounds with the craft of music. They tell their stories with their lyrics. They convey their feelings into piano and guitar chords and drumbeats. It is their way of being honest. It is their way to move others.

What makes music as magical as it is, is its ability to make you feel so many emotions. It is something you can turn to when you are feeling as bright as the sun; it is something you can turn to when you are consumed in self-doubts. It is what reminds us that we are not alone in the times we feel like we have nobody to lean on.

Notable Artists: The Stone Roses, Oasis, Madonna, Elton John, Inhaler, Scorpions

A Race Track

"I am an artist, the track is my canvas and the car is my brush."

You even have individuals who turn to race tracks as their canvas. In this case, I am particularly referring to Formula One racing, or more commonly known as F1. This art is crafted through the sharp sounds of car engines, the thunderous raw of the crowds and the lightening speed of the cars passing by. Many drivers turn to these circuits as a way to not only show their great talent but also as a way to relieve the emotional tribulations they may be going through.

One particular race car driver who exemplified the art of the sport as a safe heaven was Charles Leclerc. The 22-year-old driver lost his father in 2017 due to an illness. Just four days after his father's death, Leclerc painted his inner strength on the circuit and won the feature race at the 2017 Baku FIA Formula 2 round.

Notable Artists: Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda

Canvases take endless forms and anyone can be an artist. So find something a canvas of your choice, and paint your story. Your work of art will speak volumes.

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