The Article About Nothing Because I Need To Make A Deadline

The Article About Nothing Because I Need To Make A Deadline

The long-awaited article where I explain what Odyssey actually is.

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To be entirely honest, I have no idea what this article is going to be about, but I think we'll find out what it is on the way.

First of all, I would like to thank you all for this journey that you are going to be taking with me, because for the first time ever, we are both equally unaware as to what is happening next.

Usually, I spend at least five minutes trying to plan out what I will be writing for you guys and then think about what I can use for media and tags and if it will be a very good one or if I'm phoning it in.

Sometimes, I plan articles weeks in advance, so you should feel very good about yourselves because I often put a lot of effort in to make sure at least someone will enjoy what I write. But unfortunately, you caught me on a bad week. I have finals starting in a week, I've had a total of three nervous breakdowns over the last two days, and I left this for the last minute, and I have nothing interesting going on to tell you about. However, I am still putting a lot of thought in this.

I care about you all, 18 people that read my articles on a regular basis. (Hi Dad!)

Now that we've gotten this far, and I've been writing for Odyssey for about seven months, I've realized that many people don't know a lot about what it is that I'm doing. So, I think that it would be beneficial to everyone if I took this chance to explain it to you. That seems like something I should write about, isn't it?

(Give me a break, my brain is completely FRIED)

Odyssey is an online publication source that is mainly used by college students around the country. You can probably find an article about anything on Odyssey if you look hard enough, and eighteen thousand articles about Finals week as explain by Gifs from either The Office or New Girl. I write one article for it every week, and sometimes I'll write two a week so I don't have to write something for the week after.

I am part of the Odyssey community at the University Of Maine, where I am currently a freshman who has no idea what she wants to do with her life, as you can see from previous articles. It's been pretty fun, if I say so myself, and I have enjoyed writing for it.

I was planning on leaving it at the end of the school year, but I am seriously thinking about continuing to write for it for a while longer because It's kind of nice to write about something that isn't school work.

If you've liked my articles, or want to give me some validation, like them and share them. Also, check out my personal blog: Kate Went Exploring because I write there too.

Thank you for reading this article, and I should be back to some regularly scheduled fluff pieces next week!

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