5 Things You Should Know As An Art Major At Rutgers Mason Gross

As the semester is coming to an end and graduation is around the corner, I will like to share my experience with the Rutgers SAS students who wish to pursue an Art Major. Surely, you will be taking classes at Mason Gross and here are some things that you should know during your journey of majoring in Art.

1. The Mason Gross printers aren't the only printers for your art projects

As a student from the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences who is majoring in Art, I am unable to have any access to the Mason Gross printers. Since then, I have avoided taking any design classes in Mason Gross. Then one day during my last semester when I find it inconvenient asking my classmates to help me print out my last project, I have stumbled on a printing center in the Downtown area around Mason Gross and the staff there are really nice to help print out my project. And the prices for printing are very affordable. If I have known this printing center existed, I'll be taking a lot of design classes. Also, if you are running out of print credits too, this will be a great backup as well.

2. Parking a car in the Downtown area around Mason Gross is not free

I've known many students in Mason Gross that are commuters and they have parked their car in the Downtown area. I have been told that the parking garages in the Downtown area charge $3.00 for one hour of parking. What is even worse, the parking garage charges $13.00 for 5 hours. That's very expensive.

3. You get more credit if you complete more than 42 hours for the Visual Arts practice requirement

For an Art major from the School of Arts and Science, you are required to obtain two credits to fulfill the visual practice requirement. That is, one credit equals forty-two hours in an art internship or working in a gallery (most students tend to work in the gallery at Mason Gross). Since I have taken a Byrne Seminar (that relates to art) in my earlier semesters, I only need one more credit to fulfill the visual arts practice requirement.

Of course, I took an internship in an art gallery and kept track of my hours. After completing my internship, I realized that I worked for 160 hours. Once I handed in those 160 hours along with the signature of the art gallery's president to the Mason Gross undergraduate advisor, the Mason Gross undergraduate advisor has given me 3 credits instead of just two credits. This will be a major boost for those trying to graduate on time.

4. You have to get used to seven hours of class time

These hours of class time are very long. I had classes that go up from 11:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. and classes from 2:50 p.m. to 9 p.m.! Luckily, teachers gave out breaks and at least an hour of lunch or dinner. And also, they usually teach for the first few hours and the rest of these hours are devoted to studio time for students working on projects. So pretty much, you are going to be learning and working at the same time.

5. You have to get used to lots of walking

One word of advice, you can never rely on the EE bus all the time because there are times when the bus will never arrive on time. Walking from College Ave Campus to Mason Gross is not easy, especially when you are carrying your projects and your art supplies. Even if you are walking to the closest bus stop in the Downtown area or going to your car in the parking garage, walking takes a lot of effort.

Given these points above, are you thinking of pursuing an Art major in Rutgers?

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