Artist's block isn't as commonly used as writer's block, but it happens all the same. When that happens, artists turn to journal prompts to get their inspiration flowing and put something down on the paper. Sometimes, this means challenging themselves to draw something every day in a month, like during Inktober. Other times, it means drawing something specific during a set time, like making mermaids in Mermay. When all else fails, artists turn to art journal prompts to get them out of their comfort zone.

Here are my favorite art journal prompts I have found over the years.

1. Inspirational Quotes

Write down a favorite quote in a fun font and decorate around it.

2. Illustrate a favorite poem

Copy down your favorite poem and add doodles on the edges.

3. Typography practice

Practice your fonts for titles and text.

4. A heart full of loves

Draw a large heart and fill it full with things you love!

5. Magazine collage

Cut up pictures and quotes you like and glue them in.

6. Your map

Paper World Geography Notebook Brochure Pen Map

Create your own map, real or imaginary, that represents something about you.

7. Mood ring colors

Make a piece using only colors to show your mood.

8. Literal pie chart

Make a pie chart and fill it with doodles of all your favorite foods.

9. Doodle dump

Fill a page with as many little doodles as possible.

10. Paint with tea

Drink some tea, and when you're done, paint the page with a pretty picture made from the stain.

11. Pressed flower pages

Pick up flowers and leaves and press them into the pages.

12. Paint swatches

Go to a hardware store and grab your favorite color palettes.

13. Create contrast

Nature Black White Art Man Silhouette Silhouettes

Fill the page with patterns using only black and white.

14. Draw a dream

Just like a dream journal, sketch down what you dreamt the night before.

15. Illustrate the elements

Represent each of the elements with a detailed drawing.

16. Fortune cookie future

Paste in fortune cookie fortunes that impact you, or write some of your own!

17. Illustrate song lyrics

Pianist Music Note Lyrics Instrument Sheet Music

Turn your favorite tunes into a work of art in your journal.

18. Inner goddess


Pretend you're a goddess — draw her.

19. Tape in tea tags

Collect trinkets from places you like, or tags from treats you enjoy.

20. Kiss collage

Make a collage of kisses of all your lipsticks.

Time to crack open a new sketchbook and get to work breaking it in with these brilliant ideas!