Although the era of letters and mail has long past replaced by mobile phones and texting, nothing can top a handwritten letter and the happiness it always brings along. Receiving a letter is like a little burst of magic. Imagine the delightful smile threatening to come out when you recognize the handwriting and know who it is, even before searching for the sender's name. Imagine holding it close to you and searching for the smell of the person who sent it. And imagine each word holding so much meaning for you as they communicate the little parcels of the story. This is the feeling that will teach you that love can get you through the toughest of times, and sometimes all you need to be reminded of that love is a simple handwritten note.

I always love things that are written down by someone for me. It's so beautiful to see and it makes me extremely happy. No matter how messy the handwriting is, it is always better than any letter that someone buys from a shop which is already printed. People love words and receiving heartfelt words from someone who has taken some time out from their life and written it down is just another feeling of joy.

I remember when I was little, me and my friends used to write letters to each other on our birthdays. And still today, I've kept them folded in the little jewelry box that I have in my drawer. Though over these years, they are torn out after opening and folding for so many times, reading them now and absorbing every bit of the hidden feeling always brings that distant memory back.

Hence, from today try writing a letter or even a simple note occasionally to your parents, friends, roommate or even your teacher so that they can smile as they brush their finger across that little piece of paper.