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The Arrowverse is shaping up for one of its best seasons yet

Find out whats in store for the heroes on the CW Network


If you're a fan of any of the DC comic based shows on the CW Network you know that there's a whole universe full of superheroes who exist amongst five different shows. You may also know this action-packed universe as the Arrowverse, named after the show that started it all.

There are a lot of things to discuss the upcoming seasons of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning, especially after this year's San Diego Comic Con, so lets jump right in.

The big highlight of the Arrowverse each year is always the huge crossover between all of the shows (minus Black Lightning). In recent years the crossovers have been the most viewed and usually the highest rated episodes of the season. Last years was the biggest crossover event so far with the final showdown featuring 19 heroes taking on the Nazi invaders from Earth-X. With the way last years turned out the crossover can only get bigger especially after an interview with Arrow star David Ramsey.

"How do you go bigger?" was what he said when first about the crossover at San Diego Comic Con. He followed up with "Every single year they do these crossovers it's like its bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and I don't know how they do it".

He then mentioned that the script hadn't been fully written they were given the premise for which he said "So when I found out what they were going to do I said really? You're just going to go even bigger?" to describe his reaction to the plans for the crossover. His words definitely got the fans excited to find out what this year's crossover will be about and most likely the plot will be made public sometime next month.

Even though the plan and the script haven't been released or even finished, there were two big announcements made about the crossover. The first was that the Legends of Tomorrow cast will not be involved with the crossover this year. This is pretty disappointing mainly because their large team made a big impact last season but the smaller cast doesn't equal a small event so we'll see how the writers make the episode's action-packed.

And with bad news, there's always something good being that second announcement was that Batwoman is joining the arrowverse and will make her small-screen debut in this year's crossover. What her role will be in this mashup of heroes is unknown but we'll find out when the crossover premieres this December.

As for each individual show, the new seasons are definitely looking to be different from what we've seen before especially The Flash which is arguably the most popular of all the shows. This season will definitely be interesting seeing how season 4 ended. A mysterious girl continuously appeared throughout season 4 (even making an appearance in the crossover) and it was revealed in the last scene of the season finale that she is Nora Allen; the daughter of newlyweds Barry (The Flash) and Iris.

It is revealed that in the trailer that Nora went back in time to ask her father in a younger state for help. Unfortunately, she gets stuck in the present and now it's up to the Flash and his crew to send her back so they don't risk erasing her from existence. But we all know the main plot will center around the big bad of the season who has been revealed to be Cicada.

He's not a well-known villain but can definitely be an interesting character for the show. The plot summary for the season it seems that he has had his life torn apart by metahumans and seeks to rid the world of them which will definitely put him on the Flash's radar.

This is the second season in a row where the main villain has been a non-speedster so let's see if this trend sends the show in the right direction when season 5 premieres October 9

Next, we have Arrow, the show that started it all. Season 7 picks up 5 months after the events of season 6 which ultimately lead to the arrest of Oliver Queen for his "crimes" from his stint as the Green Arrow. This leads to a whirlwind of problems for Oliver as he is not prison mates with all of the criminals he defeated and put away over the course of the last 6 seasons.

Most likely he will not spend the whole season locked away but while he's out of commission it'll be up to the recently separated Team Arrow to protect the city as best as they can with their secret identities being not so secret anymore after Oliver was outed as the Green Arrow.

As for the main villain of season 7, it seems that Ricardo Diaz, AKA Dragon, will still be the biggest threat for the scattered heroes which will be the first time a villain has had that role for two consecutive seasons. The team is going to need as much help as they can get and luckily for them there's a good chance they'll get it.

It was reported that Team Arrow's new headquarters will be A.R.G.U.S. which is a powerful organization to have as an ally and it won't be the only ally to return. Colton Haynes, the actor who portrays Roy Harper, has confirmed he will be a series regular in season 7 which means Arsenal could once again be a major part of Team Arrow. We'll see how it all unfolds when Arrow returns October 15.

And speaking of former Team Arrow members, Sarah Lance and her squad on Legends of Tomorrow are flying the Waverider into their 4th season and it's shaping up to be a magical one. As always, the legends have to clean up the mess they make in the previous season since time travel can cause sticky situations with just one minor change in the timeline.

This time, after letting the time stream deteriorate to release and defeat the demon Mallus, the Legends will have to contain the new anachronisms created by their recent misdoing. Unlike past anachronisms they've corrected, the new ones are more mythical and even with their partnership with the Time Bureau, they're going to need help they're a new task especially after the departure of Amiya (Vixen) and Wally (Kid Flash).

Fortunately for them, Matt Ryan will be reprising his role as John Constantine, the smart-mouth dark magician, who will be a series regular to help fight this mystical battle. Most likely it'll be a rough one for the legends to cause their absence from this year's crossover event.

Hopefully, the Legends have a fairytale ending but we'll just have to find out when Legends of Tomorrow returns October 22

And the lineup doesn't stop there! Supergirl, the girl of steel, will also be soaring into her 4th season and it definitely seems like it has the potential to be the best season. With all of the new characters and the intriguing new plot, it'll be fun to watch. The plot will focus on the anti-alien movement in Supergirls home National City.

The movement is centered around Agent Liberty, the terrifying creator of the Children of Liberty. This hate group is fighting to promote the human first agenda and with Liberty's skill to persuade people to fight for his cause he will definitely stir up trouble for Supergirl and the DEO who are obviously pro-alien integration with Supergirl herself being an alien.

Unfortunately for Supergirl, Liberty isn't the only threat in this anti-alien movement. One of those new characters that I mentioned before is Mercy Graves who is well known in the comics as being the bodyguard, assistant, and partner for Lex Luthor and in the show, she will be alongside Otis Graves who is a deadly alien assassin.

With the addition of few new characters, the show will be losing Jeremy Jordan's character Winn Schott as a series regular but his spot working in the DEO will be filled by Brainiac 5 who we saw in multiple episodes in season 3. Supergirls battle against this new hate-mongering group will begin October 14.

And last but not least, Black Lightning is returning for the second season. So far there isn't much known about the plot and the trailer didn't really show much footage from the upcoming season. The only information we have so far is that Black Lightning will have his hands full fighting his longtime rival Tobias Whale and his group of villains that he had gathered throughout the first season.

There are also two new characters (that we know of so far) that will appear like new telepathic metahuman named Perenna who will serve as a therapist to Black Lightning's daughter Jennifer. The second is a man named Zlovic who will most likely be involved in Tobias' crusade to take down Black Lightning.

Hopefully, some new information about the 2nd season of Black Lightning will come to light soon including whether or not he will be involved in the crossover or not. If not, we will find out what the new season of black lightning has in store for us when it starts on October 9.

The Arrowverse is shaping up to have very eventful seasons this year with all of the new characters, interesting plots, and the hype around the big crossover event. Now, all we can do is wait until the shows return this fall on the CW Network.

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