With a fifth season premiering in 2018, "Arrested Development" fans are looking forward to the return of the outrageously quirky Bluth family. So, in honor of the witty, Emmy Award-winning sitcom, here are 11 times it perfectly summed up college life:

1. When it's 11:47 p.m. and you remember you have an assignment due at 11:59.

2. When your professor adds another assignment to your already-packed workload.

3. When it's time to divide into groups but you despise all of your classmates.

4. How it feels coming home after class each day.

5. When your passive aggressive notes finally pays off and your roommate doesn't eat your leftovers.

6. When the semester's almost over and you've spent all of your meal plan.

7. What you and your friends look like at the bars after

8. When finals week rolls around and the regret over skipping classes all semester sinks in.

9. When you look toward divine guidance to pass your final.

10. When your miracle doesn't happen and you end up failing your finals.

11. When this gif of "Mrs. Featherbottom" accurately depicts your semester.