Why Arming Teachers Is Alarming
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Why Arming Teachers Is Alarming

Teachers should teach students how to read a book; not how to shoot a gun.

Why Arming Teachers Is Alarming

If gun laws are made to reduce violence, why imply more violence by allowing teachers to carry guns at school? What makes a teacher’s mind safer than a student’s? We are all humans, and we all make mistakes whether we are 17 or 47. What if a teacher makes a naive mistake with his/her gun, and accidentally harms some students. What if the gun is misplaced by one second and a student grabs it and accidently harms other students. What if the next thing we see is a shooting caused by an angered teacher rather than by a student.

Just how police officers, security guards, and even hunters, have to go through rigorous training to use arms, teachers should have the exact same training. Teachers need to have a psychological and technical training that is as rigid as the one of a police officer. They should be taught the proper responsibilities to not make a foolish mistake that a trained security guard would not make.

Schools should not arm teachers. There is nothing to make us think that by arming teachers, there is a slighter risk of violence. Teachers being allowed to bring guns to school simply exposes the students to guns even more. Instead, let’s imply greater surveillance at schools with better metal detectors and better trained police officers. Teachers signed up to teach, not to carry more violence under their pocket.

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