8 Clubs You Should Join Your First Semester At ASU, ASAP
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8 Clubs You Should Join Your First Semester At ASU, ASAP

Here is a list of eight clubs worth checking out your freshmen year.

8 Clubs You Should Join Your First Semester At ASU, ASAP
Obie Dieke

It is very important to join a club your freshman year but with over 1,000 student organizations at ASU, it can be overwhelming choosing the right ones. Thankfully I narrowed down the top eight clubs worth checking out your first semester in college.

1. Africa Rises

This organization helps to promote African culture to the ASU student. In addition to this, members help to share a positive image for the continent. This is a great organization for anybody who wants to learn more about African culture and for those who want to give back to the community.

2. ASU Outdoors Club

For adventure-seeking individuals, this organization is a must. The outdoors club goes on several trips throughout the semester. Trips include Antelope Canyon, Havasupai Falls, Sedona and etc.

3. Devil's Dancesport

Every watch Dancing With the Stars and say to yourself "I would like to do that". Look no further Devils Dancesport is the club for you. This club focuses on promoting ballroom dance as a competitive sport and social activity. The club performs at many venues across the Phoenix area.

4. Business of Fashion

For all of the ladies and gents obsessed with fashion, this is a must-join club. The club educates students on the fashion industry from a business perspective. All while giving students the opportunity to network with fashion professionals.

5. The Blaze

The Blaze Radio is Arizona State University's campus radio station. The radio station broadcast daily segments in news, sports, entertainment and weather.

6. Model United Nations

Model United Nations is an organization that gathers students together to discuss international affairs and global issues affecting us. Each year, the organizations participate in the Model United Nations Far West Conference in San Francisco. This is a perfect club for those who are interested in global affairs.


Probably my most favorite organization is SPARKS, which stands for Students Providing Awareness Resources and Knowledge to Start college. This organization purpose is to increase college awareness, readiness and enrollment in K-12 schools by sharing stories with those students.

8. Student Alumni Association

This organization is one of the largest organizations at ASU. The goal of this organization is to promote school spirit while maintaining school traditions. This is a great organization for anyone who wants to meet a lot of friends and for those who want to show off their school spirit.

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