AriZona Just Dropped Hard Iced Tea In Canada
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AriZona Just Dropped Hard Iced Tea In Canada And I'm Cancelling All Plans To Go On A Road Trip

I am impatiently waiting for a US drop date.

AriZona Just Dropped Hard Iced Tea In Canada And I'm Cancelling All Plans To Go On A Road Trip

As any poor college student, a little kick of caffeine for less than a dollar has always sounded great to me. So, naturally, AriZona Iced Tea has been a go-to for as long as I can remember.

An American gas-station staple, AriZona Iced Tea has always been the best road trip essential.

They have many options, but the raspberry tea, Arnold Palmer, and green tea are my favorite by far. And did you know they have a website where you can buy the tea, snacks, AND merch?!

After watching an influencer unbox her PR package on TikTok, I decided I NEEDED to find out where to get this spiked iced tea beauty ASAP.

your internet big sis 💫 on TikTok

Guyssssss I used to crush the 99 cent cans in high school! Can't wait to try. @arizonaicedteaaa #gifted #arizonaicedtea

I did my due diligence and quickly discovered that the product is currently only available in Canada.

I am disappointed and still incredibly excited at the same time. While you can only get them in Canada right now, they have stated in the comments on their Instagram that the product will be out in the US soon!

On the TikTok, Canadians are raving over how good it is and I am pumped, to say the least.

And because this influencer just got a PR package, I can only hope they're currently revving up for the big US product release!

Just when we thought that Mike's Hard would take the gold, AriZona Iced Tea joined the running and said, "Not today, boys!" Here's to hoping they start coming out with even more of their glorious flavors. HARD RASPBERRY ICED TEA?! Sign me up!

PS. Dear AriZona, I turn 21 on October 20, releasing it that day would be an amazing present.

And I would certainly share the joy with all of my of-age friends.


An AriZona fanatic.

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