Ariel Casting

Disney announced their past week they have casted their next live action princess and people are freaking out. Disney announced that Ariel would be played by Halle Bailey from the group Chloe and Halle. Halle is a beautiful black singer and I think that people are unable to accept the progressive nature of society.

The role of Ariel, a mermaid, a fictional character, a mythical creature, does not have a specified race. When the original movie came out, people were not as opened to others. In 1989 the world was a different place and people were not open to changing the model white princesses. The race of Ariel plays no role in her story and journey. There are princesses like Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida and Moana where an ethnicity effects their journal and story.

Halle Bailey deserves the role. She is a beautiful individual who is able to have the vocal range for the score of Ariel. The entire controversy is because in 1989 the world wasn't ready for a black woman of power, ideal of beauty, princess. It is 2019 we are ready for the greatness and ready for the inspiration to a new generation.

The only true requirement I see for Ariel is that she needs to have red hair and that can easily be done no matter the shade of your skin. We are all humans. We need to support one another's successes and promote inspiration and change. That is what Disney is doing with this casting selection. I can guarantee you that despite the beliefs of a few traditional people, the lines at the box office will be packed and Halle will make a beautiful mermaid turned princess.

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