Ariana Grande. When you hear the name, most people think icon. Some people think about her days as a Nickelodeon star. Some think of her music. But some think about other things...things that are more negative.

In 2017, Ariana Grande had a concert in Manchester, England. During this concert, 22 of her fans were killed as a result of a suicide bombing.

The most recent tragic event to plague over the young girl's life is the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. Mac Miller and Ariana Grande began dating in 2016, but they ended things earlier this year. Ariana spoke about Mac's problem with drugs. She stood by him for as long as she could, but there came a point where she had to take care of herself too. She had this to say after fans blamed her and hated on her for leaving Mac because of his bad habits.

So not only is she grieving the loss of someone who she was very close to, but she is also having to deal with people blaming her for his death. So-called fans are blaming her, saying that her leaving was the worst thing she could have done for him in his time of need.

Scrolling through Facebook, I came across an article about her on-going grief for him. I started scrolling through the comments and I was disgusted by the things people were saying about her.

Mac's death is in no way Ariana's fault. She tried to help him, and she stood by his side for almost two years. But finally, she put herself first and decided what was best for her, whether she wanted to do it or not. She is not a murderer. She is not selfish. She is not attention seeking.

Celebrities are human beings too. They have feelings, and they grieve and deal with death just like the rest of us.

We shouldn't expect her to stay in a relationship that is toxic for her. She is a grown woman who makes her own decisions, based on what she believes is best for her.

Ariana has had such a great career. She started out on Nickelodeon, starring on two different TV shows. She has now released four albums. She dealt with the unfortunate loss of 22 of her fans during a concert. She lost someone she truly cared about to a problem he's been struggling with for who knows how long.

She is such a strong woman and she doesn't deserve ANY of the hate she is dealt.