Ariana Grande Deserves Better
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Ariana Grande Deserves More Than You Blaming Her For Every Problem Ever

Look, I'm not trying to stir the pot, but uh...consider it stirred.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was assaulted. This poor girl did nothing to warrant this. All she wanted to do was pay her RESPECTS to an iconic woman, but instead, she gets groped by a bishop. Then she gets accused of "asking for it" by wearing a black dress to a funeral? I don't even know where to start.

Look, I don't wanna seem like a bitch...actually yes I do. That is SICK. No man has a right to touch her without her consent. I cannot fathom how in the hell the entire world doesn't agree that this is 100% the fault of the bishop...


Ariana Grande is taking heat for choosing to wear a black dress to a memorial for an iconic woman...disrespectful. There is video footage of this man massaging her breast while in front of a huge crowd of people, and you can see her actively trying to stop what is happening without causing a scene, and you can see the discomfort on her face.

Why the hell is there not more being said about this horror? Ariana has been through enough in the past year, she doesn't need to be groped for doing her job, that's not her thing. And she sure as shit doesn't deserve to be assaulted by some "man of the cloth" who can't control his nasty urges long enough to deliver a speech that Aretha Franklin would have approved of.

Look, I'm not trying to stir the pot, but uh...consider it stirred. She deserves more than some half-assed, insincere apology while he goes about his merry way, with no intent to change any form of behavior. This is 2018, and that man has committed a terrible offense against women.

He was given clear indication via her many attempts to remove herself from his reach, and continuous grabbing at his hand to get him to stop. And yet, somehow it's her fault? How on earth is her outfit the reason for this disrespectful behavior? Whatever happened to the "Come as you are" crap that churches all over have been preaching for years?

And like, this isn't even the first shitty thing Ariana has gone through. She's had a lifetime of hardships to face as a person, and the terrorist attack at her show in Manchester, remember that? The girl is still suffering from that experience too. And now, days after her ex-boyfriend is found dead, she is being accused of causing it for wanting to be happy.

When does it end? When will people stop blaming the world's problems on this poor girl? So maybe, just maybe, we should stop focusing on the girl's dress, and focus more on her heart, because if it isn't broken already, we are doing a damn good job of trying to break it. And the world doesn't need another broken spirit.

The world needs hope, which Ariana's music can provide for millions of people if we stop assaulting her and belittling her every time she leaves her house. She has been through enough.

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