Thank You, Ari And Demi, For Making 2018 A Better Year For All Of Us

Both Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande have had a less than stellar 2018. From breakups too, more serious things. The shooting at her benefit concert and death of ex-boyfriend Malcolm 'Mac' Miller. Demi had gone through a very public breakup with her then-boyfriend of six years; actor, Wilmer Valderrama. In July, Demi had suffered an opioid overdose at her California home. She had not posted on social media since the incident. On election day, Demi posted a picture of her voting at the polls on November 5th, 2018. She was 90 days sober that day. Ariana has released new music after her breaking off her engagement to comedian Pete Davidson. Ari's "thank u, next" has been played around 80 million times on Spotify alone.

Both women are very influential icons in Hollywood pop culture. Both of these women in 20188 have shown women what it's like to put yourself first and make sure you are the most important relationship in your life. Ariana highlights this in her new song Thank U, Next. Only one week ago her music video for this song has grossed over 163 Million views on youtube using some of America's early 2000s pop culture references which include movies like "Mean Girls," "Bring It On," and "Legally Blonde." The tribute to these movies made many people feel nostalgic but also had given the iconic scenes a better message that one of the most important love interests you can have is yourself.

Demi has been practicing her own self-love by completing her rehab program in NYC. But living a sober life is not just completing rehab. She has taken further steps to ensure her sobriety by having a sober-companion for support also taking up residence in a sober-living facility.

With 2018 coming to close4 many working mother and career driven women have been criticized more than ever via the internet. Not only have these women faced backlash but also stay at home mother's who suffer from post-partum depression and people tend to ask these women who are silently suffering why they feel this way. A blogger who goes by Momma's Tired shared the story of her own battle with depression and taking care of her child on the Today Show's community page.

No matter what choices high profile or an average woman makes today comes under constant scrutiny by the media. I propose for 2019 instead of other women judging other women we just support each other. Feminism doesn't work by other woman bringing each other down we need to lift each other up.

Demi and Ariana face a constant backlash from being in the public eye and the choices that they make with their lives are constantly under a microscope. What both of these empowering women have taught me in 2018 is to love yourself and change is an important part of life, like a butterfly before gain our wings we go through a metamorphosis of growth and this change can help us discover who we want to become.

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