If you didn't know, Ariana Grande headlined at Coachella this past Sunday. Not only is she the youngest female headliner in the history of Coachella, but her performance was one that will go down in history. I am a HUGE Ariana fan, so I was awake watching the livestream for nearly her entire set. Maybe I'm biased, but she was absolutely phenomenal, which is maybe why I am dedicating an entire article to it.

I have yet to actually see her perform live, but based on the livestream, her live vocals sound just like the recorded version. She has the voice of a literal angel and no one can tell me otherwise.

In addition to her flawless vocals throughout the performance, she put on a SHOW.

From her choreography to her outfits to the setup of the stage, it was everything and more. She sang both old and new songs, giving us true fans exactly what we want. She truly appeared to be having a blast on stage herself, which is always great to see, especially after all she has been through recently.

Now for the special guests. Of course, queen Ari gave the fans what they want and brought multiple special guests on stage to perform with her.

She had Nicki Minaj come on for a few songs of Ari's that she's featured on. However, Nicki was a hot mess if you ask me! Ariana was carrying the performance and basically rapping all of Nicki's parts herself. As soon as Nicki came on, they claimed that they "couldn't hear anything," indicating a sound malfunction. However, Ariana seemed to be able to hear and sing just fine, while Nicki stood there looking confused as if she didn't know the words to her own features. Ari slayed though, which is all that matters.

She also had P Diddy come perform with her, which was awesome. After they sang "I'm Coming Out" together, Diddy briefly spoke about people we have lost this year, including Ariana's late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. This was a very sweet gesture and definitely put me in my feelings for a hot second.

Last but absolutely not least, she had NSYNC! Her hit song, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" features a sample from NSYNC's "It Makes Me Ill," so her bringing them out to perform with her only makes sense. They also sang together NSYNC's "Tearin' Up My Heart," which had me absolutely dying as both an Ari fan and an NSYNC fan. Ariana has always been a huge NSYNC fan herself, following them on tour with her mother at the age of five. Even though Justin Timberlake, unfortunately, could not make it to the performance, it could not have been more perfect.

My girl Ari truly made history with what has been coined "Arichella." With everything that has happened to her, it's amazing that she even agreed to do it. Not to mention the fact that she's in the middle of a world tour! But hey, how could you turn down being the youngest female headliner in the history of Coachella? You go, Ari.