Recently, Ariana Grande dropped her latest bombs on the unsuspecting public. Album "Thank U, Next," with the title track that took the world by storm a couple months ago, has already hit the number one spot on iTunes after being up for less than an hour.

As if a brand new album isn't enough, she also released new bomb-ass music video "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" in which she looks like she's trying to get a guy away from his girlfriend to make a move on him at a party. Spoiler alert: the girl looks exactly like her (same hair, same clip, same ear tattoo) and they (Ariana and the lookalike) end up together at the end. I'm shook.

After the legendary "her name is Ari and I'm so good with that" line, this music video is just the next event in this trend of Ariana Grande absolutely, shamelessly feeling herself.

This girl has been through so much and, honestly, she deserves this. She's giving herself, and all of us, the permission to love ourselves without having to explain it to anyone.

Thank you, Ari. You're my new girl-power, post-breakup, f*** the haters icon and I can't wait to see how your life and all our lives improve when we start loving ourselves.

Girl, keep doing you. See you in May!

"Thank U, Next" is now available to purchase and stream on Apple Music and Spotify.