An Argument For Messy Rooms
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An Argument For Messy Rooms

Making a Murderer.

An Argument For Messy Rooms

If the cleanliness of your room is indicative of your personality, I am a complete mess...and a murderer. Now before you dial 9-1-1 or exit the article because you aren't one to support your run of the mill killer, let me explain: my room was in its usual state of more than cluttered, and I decided to take on the insane task of attempting to clean it. During my time cleaning and regretting all of my life decisions that made me this messy, I find a pal among the piles of crap. This little buddy was a mouse (yeah, they live in my house; it's whatever) and unfortunately, he was no longer with us. After screaming, freaking the hell out, and calling for my dad to get rid of it, we discovered the cause of death -- being crushed/suffocated by yours truly. After being told my visitor fell under the category of "Flat Stanley," I reevaluated my extremely messy living space. Unfortunately, my compassion for my rodent friend couldn't outweigh by natural instinct to allow entropy to stay its course. Allow that story to warm the cockles (?) of your heart and now think about the state of your room. After a childhood of being told to clean your room (especially when family was visiting because everyone knows a good party takes place in a child's bedroom), I have had enough of attempting to maintain a clean room. My dorm is covered in my clothing, class work, cleaning supplies and drugs, like the Dayquil kind, not like coke or something. Being able to spend less time worrying about how gross my living situation is leaves tons of time to do important work to meet my goals in life. Everyone wants to graduate college and get a cool job, but does anyone really care about how your room looks if you're meeting these goals? NO... Well, a little. When people (read: Mom) begin judging you for the pigsty you call a bedroom, tell them you are far too intellectually engaged in your studies to bother with petty things such as cleaning. You will for sure sound like an ass, but also look smart while doing it. In my opinion, a messy room means that you just have other stuff going on, and also you can maintain an organized life within the clutter of your room. Keeping a clean room is overrated and if you are one to live life to the fullest you will stop cleaning immediately.

There is a word for people who keep (creepy) organized rooms: lame! If you have enough time and patience to organize your Chinese takeout fortunes from the last six years, you need other hobbies. I mean I don't want to get to the "Hoarders" level, but you don't need to be able to perform open heart surgery in your single. People with clean rooms, open your eyes to the world. All the hours of your life you have spent cleaning could have been used to do things like: go to a petting zoo, jump off a cliff (body of water at bottom preferred!), eat an entire pizza by yourself, try eyebrow threading, get a glitter beard, find and domesticate a wild animal, raise a child, Facebook-friend everyone you can remember from grade school, write a children's book, join a cult, or even try skiing. All of these are 1000 times better than cleaning your room. Just imagine, a world where you have tons of time to do whatever you want -- you can have that if you forgo cleaning your room.

I am genuinely concerned for future generations if parents and peers keep this social pressure of having a clean room. How will we grow as a society if all we care about is a dumb aspect of our lives? As someone with years of experience living in a messy room, I can argue that a messy room is not reflective of my life. I love organizing my schedule and spending time doing and trying new things. Just remember, kids: your room is not indicative of you or your personality.

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