Are You Ready For The Flood?
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Are You Ready For The Flood?

In life there will always be floods that we are not ready for, but the good news is, we have a rescuer waiting to fix it all.

Are You Ready For The Flood?

I know you might see this title and wonder what I'm talking about, or even say wonder if I see myself as a prophet. Many questions may come to mind, because when I thought of that title, a lot of questions came to my mind, too.

Let's take a quick look into my journal.

One Sunday, my mom woke my brother and I up and said that we had to to get up and fix our clothes and boxes. When I said I'd fix mine when I got home later, she replied that I couldn't because the apartment was flooded. I got up to check, and there was water coming from the roof, in the bathroom, and even making its way from the bathroom back outside. On Saturday night we went to the laundromat and put everything that was in good condition and that we no longer used into boxes to send to Haiti. In other words, it was a disaster. We had clothes all over the place and boxes everywhere.

When I went to go call maintenance, my mom stopped me and said that I needed to finish fixing everything first and mop the floor. As I was fixing things, I heard someone knocking at the door, and when I went to open it, it was maintenance. When I asked my brother if he went to get them, he said no. So, I asked them, "how did you know?" To which they replied that something had broken on the floor above us, so they just came to check if everything was okay.

Notice that I didn't go get them, they came to me. They came even when I wasn't ready to receive them yet. They came out of nowhere just like the flood.

We were not ready for the flood because some of our clean clothes got dirty again, and I didn't get to go to church. Our place was not ready to welcome visitors, yet they still came to check in.

I started to contemplate how I went to Kentucky for exchange when my life was flooded. I was broken, full of anger, hatred, and pride. I was selfish, self-centered, bitter, I was so many things that I am not proud of, but no longer ashamed of. I was dwelling in so many different types of sins. I cut off a lot of people in my life because they thought I was wrong for leaving my house the way I did. My life was flooded.

Then, I went to Converge to have fun and because I just like to travel. If you knew me before exchange, you probably know that meeting God and having a deep relationship with Him was nowhere on my agenda. Then, just like the maintenance guys showed up because they knew something was broken, He showed up just like that in my brokenness. In the midst of my unforgiving heart, in the midst of my sinful ways, He showed up. He saved me from myself, He SAVED ME!!!

What I want you to know is that there will always be flood after flood in your life. But my question to you is: are you ready for the flood? There is only one way to be ready for the flood, and that is knowing that you cannot get out of this flood on your own-- that is confessing with your mouth that Christ is your Lord and savior. I knew that at some point I had to call maintenance because I knew that they were the only ones that could solve my problem, but I was waiting to fix everything before calling them and the flood would just keep on getting worse. I want you to remember one single detail: they knocked.

When they knocked, we were not ready. But we opened the door to all our messes and shame, and they came in and did the job that we couldn't do. They secured us and told us next time something happened, to call them earlier.

The same thing goes for God: we have to call on Him when we feel like we are drowning. If you don't know him at all, He will knock--in fact He has been knocking at the door your whole life. But will you open? Or will you try to fix the mess that only He can fix?

You are not reading this by accident, so do not harden your heart. Even if you've been saved, you may think you have it all together, but your house is flooded and you can't see that you still need Him. Open the door!

Remember, in life there will always be floods that we are not ready for. But the good news is, we have a rescuer waiting for us at the door to come fix it all for us.



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