Are You Posting On the Social Media Dead Zones?
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Are You Posting On the Social Media Dead Zones?

What is The Best Time To Post On Social Media

Are You Posting On the Social Media Dead Zones?

Content creators are creative geniuses who play with words and love sharing their ideas with their readers by sharing their amazing content on a myriad of social media platforms. To effectively engage with your audience and get maximum likes or shares, social media posting is inevitable. But do you know what on earth social media dead zones are and why these are the worst times to post your favorite content to social media sites?

In fact, the research reveals that social media dead zones make a huge impact on your social media engagement with your loyal audience and the popularity index of your post. This is because very few people are using social media at these times. Let me give you more information on the worst times to post your content on any social media platform; you should avoid posting on dead zones because small percentage of users are online who can boost your content.

These Are The Social Media Dead End Zones

I will reveal to you what should be the best time to share your fabulous content on the social media, but first, let us check out the dead zones on most popular social media to save your efforts from sailing into oblivion.








Great! Are you amazed? Some of the brilliant marketers don't even know why they should avoid these times for posting new content on these sites. Now that you are aware that know that posting at these times would rather be a mistake than a blessing, you deserve to know the best times to share your post on these popular platforms. A smart writer or marketer can understand that if they post content anytime in between these times, they won't be massively disappointed. But let us see what the research has to say?

The research reveals that 'late afternoon' time is the best time to do posting on social media, you can keep posting till the evening until the sun goes down and finally, people breathe a sigh to start their journey towards home. In the evenings, a majority of professional people as well as working moms will have ample time to surf on the social media as compared to mornings when they have to rush to office. That is when you have a good chance of finding your potential audience and catch their attention to get maximum engagement.

What are the Best Days For Most Fruitful Posting?

The recent statistics on the Buzzsumo reveal that there are best days when you can post your content happily and get a higher chance to catch your audience on each of the above social media platforms. These days are:

• Facebook Tuesday

• Twitter Tuesday

• Google+ Tuesday

• LinkedIn Monday

• Pinterest Monday

The Bottom Line

Therefore, the conclusion is that 'Tuesday' is the best day by winning race from other days to share your content / blog posts on the top ranking social media sites. That does not mean that you should not post on Monday or weekends and wait for Tuesday to arrive, you may get lucky or get fabulous results on not so recommended days as well. If your content is thought-provoking and invokes true emotions in people, who know you might be jumping up in the air when the content goes viral. But avoiding the dead zones is ultimate responsibility when it comes to following the best practices of social media posting. Cheers!

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